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Roger Dean Stadium may not be the flashiest ballpark in the Grapefruit League, but it is one of the most fan-friendly. You’ll have an incredible time taking in spring training at Roger Dean Stadium as the ballpark offers some of the best access to the players anywhere. There is little separating the fans from the bullpens, making it easy for you to get an autograph from your favorite Marlins pitchers before, or even during, the game.

Additionally, those of you who are bringing the entire family to the game will love the Kids’ Area along the third base line. The Kids’ Area is perfect for keeping the young ones entertained during the game and is fun for kids of all ages.

Another fan-friendly aspect of attending a Marlins game at Roger Dean Stadium is the excellent group area in right field. The Bullpen Club offers an all-you-can-eat buffet as well as tables and drink rails, which are perfect for throwing a get together for your friends and family and the ballpark.

Finally, you’ll meet tons of die-hard Marlins fans when attending a spring training game at Roger Dean Stadium. The fans here live and die with this team, and as a result, you’ll have no problem starting up a conversation with the fans sitting next to you. If you’re especially lucky, you’ll even make friends who you keep in touch with after the game.

A Marlins spring training game at Roger Dean Stadium is an excellent experience for anyone who loves baseball and the Marlins, so get your tickets today.

Things to check out

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The bullpens at Roger Dean Stadium are a great place to get autographs as the seats at the ballpark are some of the closest to the bullpen you’ll find anywhere. The left field bullpen, in particular, is easily accessible to fans as there is no barrier between the fans and the bullpen bench, making it incredibly easy to get autographs from your favorite Marlins.

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Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame

Make sure to check out the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame under the grandstand during your visit to Roger Dean Stadium. The banners hanging from the support pillars honor the best athletes from the county, so take the opportunity to see them all before the game.

Kids’ Area

When bringing the kids to the game, stop by the Kids’ Area along the third base line. The Kids’ Area features a speed pitch, inflatable slide, and more, making it a great place to keep the kids entertained during the game.

Official Team Store

If you want to pick up a souvenir from Marlins spring training, then stop by the Official Team Store behind home plate. At the Official Team Store you’ll find a wide selection of Marlins and Cardinals merchandise, so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll likely find it here.

Bullpen Club

Those of you looking to enjoy a group outing at Roger Dean Stadium will want to make a reservation at the Bullpen Club. The Bullpen Club accommodates groups of 16 or more and features drink rails, four-top-tables, and an all-you-can-eat buffet of burgers, hot dogs, brats, peanuts, popcorn, desserts, and soft drinks.

Cassidy Cool Zone

Enjoy a pregame meal at the Cassidy Cool Zone along the right-field line. You’ll have a fantastic view of the entire ballpark from the Cassidy Cool Zone to accompany your delicious meal.

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