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Millett Hall recently underwent a renovation to improve the fan experience, and while the arena still isn’t completely suited for basketball, the renovation has helped make a trip to see a RedHawks basketball game a much more enticing proposition. The renovation has improved the seating and lighting at Millett Hall meaning you’ll have a much better view of the court during your next visit.

In addition to the renovations to Millett Hall, a RedHawks basketball game offers an excellent road trip for fans of nearby Ohio-based MAC schools. There is always a lot on the line when the RedHawks square off with rivals like Ohio, Kent State, and Akron, so you’ll experience some of the best crowds Miami has to offer when these teams are in town.

Before or after the game, take some time to explore the Miami campus and if you’re a football fan make sure to check out Yager Stadium. At Yager Stadium, you’ll find the Cradle of Coaches Plaza, which is dedicated to several famous football coaches who began their career at Miami including Paul Brown, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler among others.

Any MAC sports fan will enjoy a trip to Miami where they’ll have the chance to see not only an excellent game of basketball but also where some of the best football coaches in the history of the game began their career.

Things to check out

Championship and Retired Number Banners

Hanging from the catwalk are banners celebrating the RedHawks best players and teams. Among those honored are the school’s four Sweet Sixteen teams as well as Miami standouts such as Ron Harper and Wally Szczerbiak. Check out all of the banners at Millett Hall to get the full RedHawks game day experience.

Concourse Displays

All around the concourse you’ll find displays showcasing Miami’s rich athletics history. There is a fair amount to see, so arrive early and take in all the trophies and RedHawks paraphernalia around the arena.


Swoop the RedHawk is the official mascot of Miami and can be seen all around the arena on game days. He does an excellent job of riling up the fans and entertaining the crowd, so keep your eyes peeled for him when attending a RedHawks game.

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Charlie’s Army and Red Alert

Charlie’s Army is the name of the student section at RedHawks game, and the Red Alert subsection is home to the loudest and most diehard Miami fans out there. Enjoy the atmosphere these wild fans create when attending a RedHawks basketball game.

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RedHawk Pep Band

The RedHawks pep band goes a long way in making attending a Miami basketball game an enjoyable experience. The band plays a variety of traditional school songs and contemporary pop music, so enjoy their musical stylings during your visit.

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The Miami cheerleaders do their all to keep the crowd engaged in the game. No matter what the score, the cheer squad will put on dazzling routines that you won’t want to miss.

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Fight Songs

  1. RedHawks Fight Song

    The fight song is a very upbeat tune and separates itself from many others in the MAC with a very active drumline that makes you want to jump around.

    Love and honor to Miami
    Our college old and grand,
    Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
    Over all the land

    Alma mater now we praise thee,
    Sing joyfully this lay,
    Love and honor to Miami,
    Forever and a day.

  2. Alma Mater

    Old Miami from thy hillcrest,
    Thou hast watched the decades roll;
    Generations questing from thee,
    Sturdy hearted, pure of soul.

    Old Miami! New Miami!
    Days of old and days to be;
    Weave the story of thy glory,
    Our Miami, here’s to thee!

    Our Miami, you were founded
    In our nation’s early days;
    Now we join with generations
    In this song of love and praise.

    Old Miami! New Miami!
    Days of old and days to be;
    Weave the story of thy glory,
    Our Miami, here’s to thee!


    Let’s go RedHawks!

    Let’s go RedHawks!

    Let’s go RedHawks!

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