1. Spinning S

One of the signatures of the Michigan State marching band’s in-game performance is the spinning S. While performing the school’s fight song the band forms a block S and rotates 360 degrees. Don’t miss this piece of Michigan State game day tradition if you want to get the full Spartan football experience.

2. Weather Report

Before every Michigan State home game, the PA announcer at Spartan Stadium announces the weather report for the day. At the end of each weather report, he says, “It’s a beautiful day for football” as the entire crowd joins in. Make sure to join in on this tradition to really feel a part of the Spartan crowd.

3. Band Shows at Adam Field

Approximately two hours before kickoff the band performs a show at Adams Field. Each section of the band arrives separately and practices in different parts of the field while fans gather around to listen and take pictures. After the concert, the band takes a parade block formation to march across the river.

4. Spartan Statue

The statue located on the corner of Kalamazoo and Chestnut is a part of one of the largest Spartan pre-game traditions. Before every game the football team and band walk past the statue and touch its foot for good luck. Help bring the Spartans good luck by touching the statue’s foot yourself before cheering on the Spartans to victory.

5. Gate D Tribute

At Gate D you can find the full roster of all the Spartan players to play on Big Ten winning teams. The tribute offers a great way for fans young and old to pay respect to greats of the past and to reminisce about great moments in Spartan football history.

6. Signature Cheer

The signature cheer of the Spartans is “Go Green! Go White!” During this cheer one-half of the stadium chants “Go Green!”, then the other half chants “Go, White!” This chant is a great way to get into the Spartan spirit and show off your MSU pride.

7. Spartan Beer Pong

Spartan Beer Pong is a bit different from traditional beer pong, in Spartan Beer Pong the table is set up with the ping pong net on it, and you have to use your hands as paddles to bounce it off the table before sinking it in a cup otherwise it doesn’t count. The defensive team cannot hit the ball until it passes the cups otherwise a cup is deducted for interference. Look for a game of Spartan Beer Pong if you’re looking to have a great time at an MSU football game.

8. The Spartan Walk

After the band’s performance in Adams Field, they gather into their parade block formation while the percussion sections start playing “The Series” as they march across the river. Once across, Sparty joins in with the band and leads the fans down Red Cedar Road to the stadium as fans line the street to show their support. The football team joins the walk from the Kellogg Center and make sure to pass the Spartan Statue where each member of the team to rub its feet for good luck and leaves pennies to bring home an MSU victory. To truly get into the game day spirit and show off your Sparty pride make sure to check out the Spartan Walk.

9. 300

In 2007, clips from the movie 300 were added to the Spartans opening video sequence. Also, if the opponent is in a third down situation, a clip of Spartan King Leonidas is shown shouting “Spartans! What is your profession?” to which the crowd responds with “Ha-Ooh! Ha-Ooh! Ha-Ooh!” while thrusting their fists in the air as if they were holding spears. These video clips get the crowd pumped and ready to cheer on their Spartans, so join in the cheers when you see these clips.

10. Zeke the Wonder Dog

At halftime of every Spartans game, Zeke entertains the crowd by showing off his frisbee catching abilities. The tradition dates back to 1977, however following the original Zeke’s retirement the tradition went on hiatus until 2001 when it was resurrected. Don’t leave your seat at halftime or you may risk missing out on this fantastic Michigan State game day tradition.

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