1. Trophy Display

Check out all the trophies won by the Michigan athletics teams over the years when attending a game at the Crisler Center. The trophy display allows you to remember all your favorite Michigan moments, so make sure to pay it a visit.

2. Maize Rage

Maize Rage is the name of the Michigan’s 2,600 fan student section. The student section requires everyone wear maize, a basketball jersey, or a costume, and is a big part of what makes attending a Michigan basketball game a special experience. If you want to join the loudest section in the arena, then get tickets in or near the Maize Rage.

3. “I Can’t Turn You Loose” by Otis Redding

During timeouts, the Wolverines student section dances to The Blues Brothers’ version of Otis Redding’s “I Can’t Turn You Loose.” When you hear the song start dancing, so you can join in on the fun.

4. Championship and Retired Numbers Banners

Remember all the best teams and players in Wolverines’ history by checking out the championship banners hanging from the rafters. Take a minute to remember Wolverines greats like Rudy Tomjanovich and Glenn Rice when attending a Michigan basketball game.

5. Rage Page

Those of you sitting in the student section will want to get your copy of the Rage Page before the game so you can learn more about the opposition. The Rage Page is created by the Maize Rage and is an excellent way to stay caught up on the Wolverines and their opponents.

6. Pep Band

The Michigan pep band provides great in-game entertainment and the tuba sections dancing to the William Tell Overture is particularly entertaining. Enjoy the Michigan band when attending a Wolverines basketball game.

7. Hail to the Victors

One of the most iconic fight song in all of college sports. You’ll never forget this song after just one game at the Crisler Center. There is also a customary fist pump at every “HAIL” and 2 fist pumps at “GO BLUE” in the song that the whole crowd will do as the band plays this song.

8. Kid Zone

Those of you taking your kids to the game will want to spend some time before the game at the Kid Zone. The Kid Zone is located near section 212 and is a great place for kids to get all their energy out before the game.

9. M Den Souvenirs

If you want to pick up a souvenir of your trip to the Crisler Center then stop by M Den Souvenirs. You’ll find a wide variety of Wolverines gear at M Den including caps, sweatshirts, jerseys, and more.

10. Let's Go Blue!

Probably the 2nd most frequent tradition behind only the fight song, this quick chant starts with either the band or a random fan with a cowbell, playing a beat and the crowd answers by chanting “Let’s Go Blue!” in a similar way for a few repetitions.

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