You’ll have a fantastic time tailgating or camping before a race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. The tailgating scene here is among one of the best in Ohio, although it’s not quite as good as what you’ll find on a Saturday in Columbus. That said you’ll still have an incredible time tailgating before taking in a race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Racing fans from all over the Midwest come out to see IndyCar or NASCAR Xfinity Series action at the course, so you’ll make lots of friends during your trip. Fire up the grill and break out the cooler for an excellent tailgate weekend at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

If you want to get the most out of your tailgating here, then make a weekend of it by camping at one of the camping areas around the racetrack. The camping scene here is quite fun, and whether you own or rent an RV or decide to rough it in a tent, you’ll have a great time celebrating the race with your fellow fans.

Finally, those you who want to see what goes on behind the scenes at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course will want to get Paddock Passes. Paddock Passes give you access to the Paddock Area and the garage before the race and are the only way to see what your favorite racing teams do before the race.

You’ll have an excellent time tailgating and hanging out with friends, family, and fellow fans at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, so start planning your trip today.


Paddock Pass

Get a behind the scenes look at what goes on in the garage and Paddock area with the Paddock Pass. The Paddock Pass gives you incredible access, so make sure to get one if you want to make the most out of your pre-race experience.

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