1. Walnut Grove

Similar to the Grove at Ole Miss in the SEC, Middle Tennessee State has set up an open area filled with trees near the stadium to host all the tailgate parties. Most of the MTSU fans can be seen out in the Walnut Grove as early as 7:30 when it opens for the day. This is a great place to mingle with locals and students as well as set up your grills and portable TVs.

2. Boots Donnelly Statue

In 2015 Middle Tennessee State unveiled a new statue paying tribute to legendary Blue Raiders head football coach and athletic director Boots Donnelly. Donnelly played a major role in moving the program up from Division 1AA to Division 1A and set the program on its current path to success. Stop by the statue to honor this Blue Raiders legend next time you’re in Murfreesboro for a game.

3. RV Row

RV Row is where you’ll find a lot of the bigger tailgates at Middle Tennessee State filled some of the most diehard Blue Raiders fans out there. You’ll also find a wide variety of tailgate vehicles in RV Row including Hillbilly Hilton. RV Row is a great place to tailgate if you want to hang out with some of the most diehard tailgaters Middle Tennessee State has to offer.

4. Band of Blue

During any downtime during the game, the MTSU band known as the Band of Blue takes to their instruments and brings the crowd back to a fever pitch.  The band showcases what makes college football so unique compared to other major sports both collegiate and professional by providing exceptional in-game entertainment that makes every game feel like a special occasion.

5. 100 Miles of Hate

The rivalry between the Blue Raiders and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers dates back to 1914 making it the oldest rivalry in Blue Raiders history. The Blue Raiders won the first meeting 47-0, which has set the tone for the rivalry with Middle Tennessee holding the all-time edge 33-29-1. Only 100 miles separate these two universities meaning you’ll see plenty of fans from both schools making the trip to see these two bitter rivals duke it out.

6. Blue Horseshoe

Before the game, Middle Tennessee State fans stop by the blue horseshoe and rub it for good luck. Make sure to take part in this gameday tradition to give the Blue Raiders as much luck as possible next time you’re in town for a game.

7. Lightning

Lightning is the Blue Raiders mascot and can be seen entertaining fans all throughout the game. His wild antics get the crowd pumped up to cheer on the Blue Raiders no matter what the score, so keep your eyes peeled for him at your next MTSU game.

8. Raider Walk

The Raider Walk takes place in the heart of the tailgate action at the Walnut Grove and is a great way for fans to feel a part of the team. The Band of Blue and the cheerleaders lead the Blue Raiders through the crowd as everyone cheers and shows adoration for the team. If you want to show off your Blue Raiders pride, then there is no better place to do so than the Raider Walk.

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