Texans love to tailgate, and you’ll find lots of free parking outside Security Bank Ballpark meaning you’ll be in for a lot of pregame fun when attending a RockHounds game. Arrive early and take advantage of the large parking lots and free parking before the game. Set up the grill and crack open a few beers before entering the park for a fun afternoon of tailgating before the game.

Additionally, take some time to see some of the attractions outside the park before entering. The rock in front of the main entrance is believed to bring good luck to those who rub it, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the championship plaques near the catcher statue.

Finally, if you’re a big high school football fan, make sure to sneak a peek at the high school football stadium located across the way from the ballpark. The stadium is quite impressive, so don’t miss it during your visit to Security Bank Ballpark.

You’ll have a great time tailgating and seeing the ballparks surroundings when attending a RockHounds game, so get here early and take it all in.


Rub the Rock

Rub the rock outside the main entrance of Security Bank Ballpark to bring good luck to yourself and the RockHounds. The rock comes from the excavation of the stadium and is believed to bring “fun and good times” to those who touch it before the game.

Catcher Statue and Championship Plaques

Check out the statue of a catcher and the championship plaques that accompany it. The plaques commemorate all the biggest achievements in RockHounds history including the club’s six Texas League titles making them a must-see for any RockHounds fan.

High School Football Stadium

High school football is huge in Texas, and it’s no different in Midland where they have a massive high school football stadium right across from the minor league ballpark. Take some time before the game to check out the impressive stadium before making your way into the ballpark.

Where to tailgate

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