Tailgating is a big part of the culture surrounding the Milwaukee Brewers, and as a result, you’ll find lots of room to set up a tailgate party outside Miller Park. Not only is tailgating allowed at Miller Park, unlike other major league stadiums, but it’s actually encouraged as you’ll find tailgating pavilions set up all around the Miller Park parking lots.

Baseball fans from all over Wisconsin flock to Miller Park to tailgate and celebrate the beautiful weather and Brewers baseball. All throughout the parking lots, you’ll see grills, tents, coolers, and plenty of bratwursts.

Brats are the unofficial tailgate food of Wisconsin, and you can’t leave Miller Park without having one. Whether you smother it in mustard or sauerkraut or eat it just plain, a Milwaukee brat is a must have before you leave the stadium. Brewer fans pride themselves on their love of brats so enjoy the many brats available both inside and outside the stadium.

Milwaukee is home to arguably the best tailgating experience in baseball, so if you love tailgating then you’ll love taking in a Brewers game at Miller Park!


Statues on the Plaza

Located outside of Miller Park, you’ll find statues of Milwaukee baseball greats Hank Aaron, Robin Yount, Bud Selig, and Bob Uecker. The statues honor some of the most influential people in Milwaukee baseball history and are a must-see so check them out during your next trip to Miller Park.

Hank Aaron Plaque

Make sure to wander over to the spot where Hank Aaron’s final home run landed. The spot is commemorated with a plaque in the Miller Park parking lot, so stop by and check it out.

Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame

Remember all of the greatest players in Brewers history by checking out the Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame. The Walk of Fame features a granite home plate for each member and circles the entire stadium.

1957 Milwaukee Braves Monument

Celebrate Milwaukee’s only World Series championship by checking out the 1957 Milwaukee Braves Monument. The monument is dedicated to the only World Series winning team in Milwaukee history and is located near Helfaer Field.

Miller Park Memorial Statue

During the construction of Miller Park three workers lost their lives. To honor and pay tribute to them there is a statue of three construction workers standing outside Miller Park.

Where to tailgate

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