1. Famous Racing Sausages

In the sixth inning, fans are treated to one of the most fun traditions in all of baseball, the famous sausage race since the 1990’s. The competitors are Brat (#1), Polish Sausage (#2), Italian Sausage (#3), Hot Dog (#4), and last but not least Chorizo (#5). Over the years the tradition has become a fan favorite and is a must-see for anyone attending a Brewers game.

2. Statues on the Plaza

Located outside of Miller Park, you’ll find statues of Milwaukee baseball greats Hank Aaron, Robin Yount, Bud Selig, and Bob Uecker. The statues honor some of the most influential people in Milwaukee baseball history and are a must-see so check them out during your next trip to Miller Park.

3. Hank Aaron Plaque

Make sure to wander over to the spot where Hank Aaron’s final home run landed. The spot is commemorated with a plaque in the Miller Park parking lot, so stop by and check it out.

4. Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fam

Remember all of the greatest players in Brewers history by checking out the Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame. The Walk of Fame features a granite home plate for each member and circles the entire stadium.

5. Uecker Seats

Miller Park is home to one of the best values in the majors as you can get tickets to a Brewers game for as little as $1. Uecker Seat tickets go on sale the day of the game and give fans access to slightly obstructed seats behind home plate. If you’re looking to go to a Brewers game for cheap, then you can’t beat the Uecker Seats.

6. Bob Uecker Last Row Statue

Whether you’re sitting in the Uecker Seats or not, take some time to head up there and check out the Bob Uecker Last Row Statue. The statue pays tribute to the legendary broadcaster and the famous commercial starring him.

7. 1957 Milwaukee Braves Monument

Celebrate Milwaukee’s only World Series championship by checking out the 1957 Milwaukee Braves Monument. The monument is dedicated to the only World Series winning team in Milwaukee history and is located near Helfaer Field.

8. Bernie Brewer

The face of the Brewers is Bernie Brewer, who even has his dugout atop the bleachers in left field. After Brewers home runs, he slides down a big yellow slide onto a large home plate, an experience that fans can pay to do themselves before the game.

8. Autograph Alley

Near the left field entrance is the Autograph Alley, which as the name implies, showcases hundreds of autographed baseballs by both Brewers legends and fans throughout the years. Stop by and find a ball autographed by your favorite player when attending a game at Miller Park.

10. Milwaukee Brewers Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor proudly honors outstanding players from throughout Brewers history. Take a minute to view the Wall of Honor and remember all of your favorite Brewers from the past.

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