1. George Mikan Statue

The Twolves honor the greatest pro basketball player in Minnesota history with a statue in the arena’s main lobby. The statue pays tribute to Minnesota’s great basketball history and allows fans to remember a time when the Twin Cities were home to a basketball dynasty. Make sure to stop by the George Mikan statue in the Target Center’s lobby and snap a pic.

2. Twolves Army

This group of diehard Twolves fans can be found in section 121 standing and cheering on the team for the entire game. Regardless of the Twolves record, you’ll find the Twolves Army cheering them on loudly. If you want to join in on the fun, make sure to get tickets in or near section 121.

3. Howling at the Moon

When the opposing team is shooting free throws everyone makes noise by howling at the moon inside the Target Center. Join in on this tradition to throw off the other team and aid the Timberwolves in their quest for victory.

4. Crunch

Crunch is the Timberwolves loveable mascot. During games you’ll see him performing all kinds of stunts and getting into a lot of trouble, so keep your eyes peeled for him throughout the game.

5. Timberwolves Dancers

The Timberwolves Dancers will keep you entertained throughout the game by performing a variety of different dance routines. Don’t miss these talented dancers during your visit to the Target Center.

6. Slam Squad

The Slam Squad entertains and excites the crowd with their high flying acrobatics. You’ll rise to your feet when you see these incredible acrobats, so don’t miss their performance.

7. Packcussion

Packcussion rhythmic stylings will get everyone in the arena pumped up and cheering. The group performs throughout the arena before and during the game, so make sure you don’t miss them during your trip to the Twin Cities.

8. 1st Avenue Breakers

The 1st Avenue Breakers will get you and the rest of the crowd going with their insane break dancing moves. Few things rile the Target Center crowd up like the 1st Avenue Breakers, so stay in your seat when they take the court.

9. Timberwolves Team Shop

A trip to the Timberwolves Team Store at the Target Center is the perfect way to commemorate your trip. Visit the team shop for your chance to buy all kinds of Timberwolves gear.

10. 612 Crew

The 612 Crew will get things bumping with their unique blend of hip-hop moves. Like the 1st Avenue Breakers these guys and gals, get the arena rocking and ready to cheer on the Timberwolves.

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