If you love baseball, then you’ll want to arrive at Twins spring training early to make the most out of your trip. When getting to the ballpark early, you’ll get to catch all your favorite players as they practice for the upcoming season as well as see all of the fun extras around the ballpark.

The Twins big league club can be found practicing on field #5 before the game making it the place to be from 9 am until they enter the stadium. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see your favorite big league stars up close as they perform workouts before the game. There are even bleachers next to the field, so you won’t have to worry about standing for the duration of the workouts.

Die-hard Twins fans will also want to venture to the other fields to watch some of the Twins top prospects get into the swing of things before the season. The minor leaguers practice on fields 1 through 4, so head over and watch them as well during your trip to spring training.

Additionally, you’ll want to take a stroll around the facility to see some of the cool extras outside the stadium. The Twins pay tribute to their greatest players by naming the streets around Hammond Stadium after legends such as Kent Hrbek. You also won’t want to miss seeing the sign that tells you the distance between Hammond Stadium and Target Field.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to attend a Twins spring training game on Minnesota Day, then come prepared to tailgate. Minnesota Day is a great way to celebrate the upcoming Twins season, so make sure to be a part of it this year.

There is a lot to see and do before a Twins spring training game, so get to the ballpark early and enjoy it all.


Twins Practices

Twins practices begin at 9 am, and you can catch the big league team working out on practice field #5 next to the stadium, the field even has bleachers for the fans. If you want to watch some of the minor leaguers gear up for the season, then stop by fields numbers 1 through 4. Additionally, you can see both the Twins and the opposing team take batting practice in the cages below the third base concourse when outside the stadium.

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Stop by and get a picture of yourself with the waterfall outside Hammond Stadium. The waterfall is a fun feature of the ballpark and provides a fun photo op as well.

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Ballpark Distance Sign

ance Sign - Make sure to see the sign outside Hammond Stadium, which tells you the distance between the ballpark and the Twins’ regular season home Target Field. The sign is a can’t-miss part of attending spring training at Hammond Stadium, so don’t miss it during your trip.

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Churchill Downs Inspired Exterior

Hammond Stadium is one of the best looking spring ballparks thanks to its Churchill Downs inspired exterior. The design gives the ballpark a unique look, so take a minute to enjoy it before entering the stadium.

Street Names

mes - All the streets around Hammond Stadium are named after Twins legends, which is a nice touch that makes the ballpark feel like the home of the Twins. Check out the street signs during your visit to see which greats have been honored.

Where to tailgate

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