Target Field does an excellent job of incorporating downtown Minneapolis into its design, which goes a long way in creating a fun pregame atmosphere. All throughout downtown Minneapolis you’ll see Twins fans pre-gaming and partying before the game. The bars surrounding Target Field are packed full of baseball fans on game days making the whole area feels like one big party.

While you won’t find any traditional tailgating, there are a variety of good bars and restaurants surrounding Target Field. These establishments each offer their own unique game day feel and have something to offer. The best part about this is that you can come back time and time again and still have lots to experience.

Another thing to do when taking in your first game at Target Field is to take some time to explore Target Plaza. Located outside Gate 34, Target Plaza is home to several statues and tributes to the Twins and their past. The Gold Glove and Kirby Puckett statue are the most popular attractions here, but there is a bunch of other stuff worth checking out as well.

You’ll find lots to do around Target Field before the game, so make sure to arrive early and take in all the sights and sounds of downtown Minneapolis.


Target Plaza

Behind the right field gate is Target Plaza, a gathering place for fans. The Plaza is home to the statues of former Twins players, as well as a monument that shows all the venues where Minnesota-based baseball teams have played. There is a lot to see in the Plaza, so stop by before entering the stadium.

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Twins Tradition Wall

Stop by the Tradition Wall and see a list of every player to have played for the Twins since the moved to Minnesota in 1961. The wall also features pennants celebrating the Twins World Series, league championship, and division championship titles.

Golden Glove Statue

On Target Plaza is a giant gold glove sculpture where lots of fans sit and take photos. The glove recognizes all of the Twins players Gold Glove winners and is a must-see when taking in a game at Target Field.

Kirby Puckett Statue

Stop by the Target Plaza and check out the Kirby Puckett statue. The statue depicts Puckett during his home run trot in Game Six of the 1991 World Series and does an excellent job of honoring one of the most beloved players in Twins history.

Target Field Baseball Statue

Check out the Target Field statue when attending a Twins game. The statue is located on Target Plaza and features a giant baseball.

Calvin Griffith Statue

The Calvin Griffith statue celebrates the former Twins owner who moved the Twins to Minnesota from Washington D.C. Without Griffith there would be no Twins as we know them, so stop by and see the statue before entering the stadium.

Pohlads Statue

The Twins honor their longtime owners with a statue on Target Plaza. Stop by and see the statue dedicated to the Pohlads during your trip to Minneapolis.

Gates Numbers and Statues

You might notice the odd numbering system for the gates around the stadium. Instead of being in numerical order, the gates are numbered after former Twins legends such as Tony Olivia (Gate 6) and Kent Hrbek (Gate 14). The gates correspond with the player's position and are a unique aspect of Target Field. Additionally, each gate has a statue of the player nearby, so take a walk around the stadium before the game to see them all.

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