1. Cowbells

The most distinct (and loud) tradition at Mississippi State University is the use of cowbells during the game. The origins of this tradition are unclear, but the cowbell has been a staple of Bulldogs games since the 50s. Cowbells are a big part of being a Mississippi State fans, so be on alert for them when attending a Bulldogs game.

2. Bully

The live mascot of Mississippi State University is Bully, an American Kennel Club registered English Bulldog and had been the official mascot of MSU since 1935. A student wearing a Bulldog suit (also named Bully) is part of the MSU cheerleading team and helps to stir up State spirit at games and pep rallies.

3. Bulldogs Basketball Legends Display

Located between Humphrey Coliseum and the team’s practice facility, the Bulldogs Basketball Legends display is a must see. The exhibit shows off all the best players in MSU history and is an excellent way to remember all of your favorite players.

4. SEC Championship Mural

Check out the SEC championship mural to remember all of the Bulldogs conference championships. The wall honors 1963, 1991, and 2004 teams among others, so make sure to stop by and see it.

5. Bully Over the Years Display

If you want to see how Bully the Bulldog has changed over time, then stop by this exhibit. It features a picture of all the mascots in MSU history and is a fun exhibit for fans young and old.

6. Championship Counter

The Championship Counter shows off how many championships the men’s and women’s basketball teams have won and is an excellent thing to check out after the Bulldogs win one. Come back often to this display and see all the championships the team has won since your last visit.

7. The "Game of Change" Display

Remember the “Game of Change” and its importance in Civil Rights history by checking out the “Game of Change” display.

8. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are quite popular at Bulldogs basketball games, and you’ll spot many in the crowd before and during the game. Bring a glow stick with you, so you can join in the fun and show your support for the team.

9. MSU Pep Band

The MSU pep band does an excellent job of helping create an incredible atmosphere inside Humphrey Coliseum. All throughout the game the pep band will keep the energy high and ensure that the Bulldogs have a great home court advantage, so enjoy the MSU pep band during the game.

10. Banners

Take a second to look up from your seat and remember all of the best teams and players in Mississippi State history by checking out the banners hanging from the rafters. The crown jewel of these banners is the 1996 Final Four banner, so take a peek at it to reminisce about the Bulldogs tournament run.

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