Missouri State fans take tailgating serious, which you can see the minute you step foot in BearFest Village before the game. BearFest Village is the epicenter of the Missouri State tailgating scene and a fantastic place to hang out before the game. You’ll see a sea of maroon and white in BearFest Village before the game creating a festive game day atmosphere that any college football fan would enjoy.

In addition to a great tailgating atmosphere, BearFest Village is also home to a slew of pre-game activities. The two biggest pre-game activities are the Bear Walk and the pregame pep rally. The Bear Walk takes place 75 minutes before kickoff and lets you get up close to your favorite players before the game, while the pregame pep rally will get you pumped up a half hour before the game with performances by the band and spirit groups. BearFest Village also features inflatables and games for kids as well making it the perfect tailgating destination no matter what your age.

If for some reason BearFest Village isn’t your thing or if you forget to reserve a spot, you can tailgate in lots 18 and 24 free of charge. You’ll find a lot of Bears fans tailgating in these lots before the game as well creating another excellent place to tailgate before the game.

Missouri State goes all out to put on a great tailgating experience, so get here early and enjoy all the sights and sounds BearFest has to offer.


Bear Statue

Snap a picture with the bear statue outside Robert W. Plaster Stadium. The statue presents an excellent photo op and a picture of it is an excellent keepsake from your trip to Springfield.

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Bear Walk

The Bear Walk takes place 75 minutes before kickoff as the team makes their way through BearFest Village to the stadium. Get here early so you don’t miss the opportunity to see your favorite players before the game.

Pregame Pep Rally

Make sure to check out the pregame pep rally on the steps of McDonald Arena. The pep rally starts 30 minutes before kickoff and features the Pride Band, Boomer and Growl, Sugar Bears, and the MSU cheerleaders making it a must-see.

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