1. BearFest Village

If you want to be at the epicenter of Missouri State tailgating, then BearFest Village is the place for you. BearFest Village is located north of the stadium and features appearances by the football team, cheerleaders, Boomer, the Pride Band, and Sugar Bears. Reserve your spot to enjoy Missouri State tailgating at its best.

2. Pride Band

Enjoy the Pride Band during your trip to Missouri State. The band puts on a fantastic show and creates a great in-game atmosphere, so sit back and enjoy their performances throughout the game.

3. Sugar Bears Dance Team

The Sugar Bears will dazzle you with their dance routines. These talented dancers put on a show-stopping performance, so don’t leave your seat when you see them take the field.

4. Bear Statue

Snap a picture with the bear statue outside Robert W. Plaster Stadium. The statue presents an excellent photo op and a picture of it is an excellent keepsake from your trip to Springfield.

5. Bear Walk

The Bear Walk takes place 75 minutes before kickoff as the team makes their way through BearFest Village to the stadium. Get here early so you don’t miss the opportunity to see your favorite players before the game.

6. Cheer Squad

Join the cheer squad as they cheer on the Bears to victory. The cheerleaders pump up the crowd throughout the game, so take part in the cheers and chants to give the Bears as much of a home field advantage as possible.

7. Pregame Pep Rally

Make sure to check out the pregame pep rally on the steps of McDonald Arena. The pep rally starts 30 minutes before kickoff and features the Pride Band, Boomer and Growl, Sugar Bears, and the MSU cheerleaders making it a must-see.

8. Boomer and Growl

Boomer and Growl are the official Missouri State mascots, and they get into all kinds of antics during the game. Keep an eye out for Boomer and Growl as you wouldn’t want to miss these two popular mascots.

9. History Banners

Hanging around the concourse are banners celebrating the history of Missouri State football. The banners add a nice touch and make Robert W. Plaster Stadium feel like the home of the Bears.

10. Missouri State-Southern Illinois Rivalry

Missouri State and Southern Illinois may not be at the top of their game on the gridiron right now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to miss it when these longtime Missouri Valley Conference rivals square off. There are always a lot of bragging rights on the line when the Bears and Salukis meet making a Missouri State-Southern Illinois game a must-see for fans of these two schools.

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