Missouri Tigers Overview

Fast facts

League: Division I (NCAA)

Head Coach: Dennis Gates

Team Mascot: Truman the Tiger

Year Opened: 2004

Capacity: 15061

City / State: Columbia / Missouri

Rivalries & Top Games to Attend

Border War

Rival Team: Kansas Jayhawks

Missouri and Kansas have a long-standing rivalry across all sports. However, the rivalry has been dormant since 2012 when the Tigers moved to the SEC. The rivalry between these two states dates back to before the Civil War, so make sure to be in attendance when this rivalry kicks off again.

Braggin’ Rights

Rival Team: Illinois Fighting Illini

The Missouri Tigers and Illinois Fighting Illini have been squaring off every year since 1980 in the Braggin’ Rights series. The annual contest takes place in St. Louis and is a must see for both Tigers and Illini fans. Over the years the Illini have gotten the better of the Tigers winning 30 of the team’s 46 meetings, but the contests are always hardly fought so don’t miss it when these two meet.

Missouri Tigers Stadium Guide

In Game

At a Missouri Tigers basketball game, you’ll find an incredible in-game atmosphere that mimics that of a pro game. Before the game, they dim the lights and light off pyrotechnics giving you the feeling you’re watching a big league matchup. They also keep the lights dim all game drawing your focus to the court and creating the impression that you’re watching the game in a place where people really care about basketball.

In addition to the incredible atmosphere, the Mizzou fan support is also great. The fans are a large part of why the Tigers opened Mizzou Arena in 2004, and you can see why with how the fans show support for their team win or lose. The Antlers student group are particularly rambunctious in their support of the team and will perform all kinds of antics and pranks during the game. Whether you’re sitting near The Antlers or not they make their presence known and get into the heads of the opposition.

Before or after the game make sure to head to downtown Columbia to grab something to eat or drink. Here you’ll find all of the Mizzou favorites including Harpo’s and Shakespeare’s Pizza.

Mizzou is one of the more underrated basketball schools in the nation and is home to an incredible game day experience, so make your travel plans now.

Things to check out

Missouri Athletics Hall of Fame Displays

Make sure to check out the displays showcasing the greatest athletes in Mizzou history near the main entrance. The displays do an excellent job of showing off Missouri’s strong athletics history, so don’t miss them during your visit to Mizzou.

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Truman the Tiger

Mizzou’s official mascot can be seen throughout the game hyping the crowd up with special dances and routines. He puts on quite the show and will keep you well entertained during stoppages in play.

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The Antlers

The Antlers are the loudest fans inside Mizzou Arena on game days. The unofficial student group is named after the named after the antler dance they did in 1976 and is the group to be in if you’re a rabid Mizzou basketball fan. Keep on the look out for The Antlers as you never know what kind of pranks they’ll perform.


This tradition began in 1976 during a game between the Tigers and Ohio State and has carried on to today. Half of the stadium will chant “M-I-Z,” and the other half will respond with “Z-O-U.” Usually, the student section will shout the first half while the alumni section will follow with the latter half, so no matter where you’re sitting join in on the chant.

Free Throws

The Tigers student section has two distinct traditions regarding free throws. When the Tigers are shooting, raise both hands and chant “Swoosh, yay” when a basket is made, however, when the opponents shoot get loud and follow the instructions of the coordinators to get in the shooters head. No matter who is shooting, join in on the tradition to help aid the Tigers in their quest for victory.
Three Pointers - After every Tigers three-pointer, make the referee sign for a three-pointer with your hands to show off your Tigers pride.

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Opponent Fouls Out

When an opponent fouls out everyone in the arena chants “left, right, left, right” until the player sits down at which point every yells “sit down!” Make opposing players feel ashamed about fouling out by taking part in this tradition.

Fight Songs

  1. Old Missouri (Alma Mater)

    After the game, the entire student section sticks around to sing the Mizzou alma mater win or lose. No matter how the game you attend goes make sure to stick around and show off your school pride after the game.

    Old Missouri, fair Missouri,
    Dear old varsity,
    Ours are hearts that fondly love thee,
    Here’s a health to thee.

    Proud art thou in classic beauty,
    Of thy noble past;
    With thy watchwords, Honor, Duty,
    Thy high fame shall last.

    Every student, man and maiden,
    Swells the glad refrain,
    Till the breezes music laden,
    Waft it back again.

    (Repeat Chorus:)

  2. Fight Tiger

    (Main Verse) 
    Fight, Tiger, fight for old Mizzou,
    Right behind you, everyone is with you.
    Break the line and follow down the field,
    And, you’ll be, on the top, upon the top.
    Fight, Tiger, you will always win,
    Proudly keep the colors flying skyward.
    In the end, we’ll win the victory,
    So Tiger, fight for Old Mizzou!


    (Repeat Main Verse) 

  3. Every True Son and Daughter

    Every true son, so happy hearted,
    Skies above us are blue,
    There’s a spirit so deep within us,
    Old Missouri here’s to you (RAH! RAH!).
    When the band plays the Tiger war song,
    And when the fray is through,
    We will tramp, tramp, tramp around the Columns,
    With a cheer for Old Mizzou!

    HIT IT!

  4. Let’s Go Tigers

    After the tip-off, the Mizzou student section chants “Let’s Go Tigers” until the Tigers score their first basket. Join in on the chant to give the team your support and help them score early and often.

    Let’s go Tigers!

    Let’s go Tigers!

    Let’s go Tigers!

Missouri Tigers Bars & Restaurants

  1. Truman’s Bar & Grill

    Trumans Bar Grill

    Watch your favorite games with good food and cold beer.

    3304 W Broadway Business Park Ct, Columbia, MO 65203, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  2. Stadium Grill

    Stadium Grill

    Our setting is only a few blocks away from Faurot Field and the Mizzou Arena which makes Stadium Grill the perfect place before or after the game.

    1219 Fellows Pl, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  3. Room 38 Restaurant & Lounge

    Room thirty eight Restaurant and Lounge picture

    Room 38 Restaurant & Lounge is Columbia’s premier venue for dining, entertainment, and special events.

    38 N 8th St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  4. Willie’s


    A place that serves good food, has a friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

    1109 E Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  5. McNally’s


    Missouri, McNally’s Irish Pub serves a full menu and the best drink specials in town! Plenty of TVs with sports, a spacious patio (with TV) and games... pool, foosball, and darts.

    7 N 6th St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  6. Booches

    Boocches burger

    They serve amazingly good burgers and the drinks are fantastic!

    110 S 9th St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  7. Shiloh Bar & Grill

    Shiloh Bar Grill

    Where good friends meet for good times!

    402 E Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


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    american - $$

  8. Flat Branch Pub & Brewing

    Flat Branch Pub and Brewing

    Flat Branch serves a diverse menu as well as award-winning hand-crafted beers on tap.

    115 S 5th St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  9. Heidelberg Restaurant

    Heidelberg Restaurant

    ‘The Berg’ is a great spot for locals as well as a popular hangout for college students.

    410 S 9th St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  10. Harpo’s


    Delicious food, friendly bartenders, and that down-home sports bar atmosphere!

    29 S 10th St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  11. Campus Bar & Grill

    Campus Bar and Grill

    Campus Bar & Grill is the best place in town to watch MIZZOU Tiger Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals, Rams, Blues, and the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals - It's always game time at Campus Bar & Grill!

    304 S 9th St #100, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


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  12. Bandana’s Bar-B-Q

    Bandanas Bar B Q

    Bandana's Bar-B-Q is Southern Style BBQ - seasoned with a dry rub and cooked sauceless, then hand-cut to order straight from the smoker.

    3405 Clark Ln, Columbia, MO 65202, USA


    Bar website

    american - bbq - $$

  13. Broadway Diner

    Star Lite Dining Lounge

    Amazingly flavorful food menu and the friendliest staff!

    22 S 4th St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


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    american - $

  14. Buckingham Smokehouse Bar-B-Q

    Buckingham Smokehouse Bar B Q

    With a 5,000-pound smoker that’s 7 1/2 feet tall and 15 feet long, we burn over a cord of hickory wood a week.

    3804 Buttonwood Dr, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


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  15. Pizza Tree

    Pizza Tree

    We have fun with pizza and keep our ideas and ingredients fresh and house-made.

    909 Cherry St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


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    pizza - $$

  16. Ernie’s Cafe & Steak House

    Ernies Cafe Steak House

    Some of their specialties include Custom Omelettes, Homemade French Toast, Hashbrowns and French Fries, Vegetarian Specialties and our famous Chopped Cow.

    1005 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  17. Gumby’s Pizza

    Gumbys Pizza

    We make, sell, eat, study, etc pizza.

    1201 E Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


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  18. Shakespeare’s Pizza

    Vic Deans Pizzeria Grill pizza

    A great place to enjoy a slice of pizza for lunch or a whole pie with family and friends!

    3911 Peachtree Dr h, Columbia, MO 65203, USA


    Bar website

    pizza - $$

  19. Addison’s American Grill

    Addisons American Grill

    Addison’s is a full service restaurant and bar serving appetizers, pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, steak, and seafood.

    709 Cherry St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  20. El Rancho


    It's all about fresh ingredients, our family's traditional recipes, wonderful spices and flawless preparation.

    1014 E Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201, USA


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