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The atmosphere of Bobcat Stadium is a mix of the passion of fans and the relaxed lifestyle of Montanans.  The level of excitement in the stadium is related to the score of the game.  When winning, the fans can get rowdy.

Things to check out

Brawl of the Wild

The rivalry between the University of Montana Grizzlies and the Montana State Bobcats can be traced back to November 26, 1897 in Bozeman. The fanbases of the two schools is split by the Continental Divide, which is a natural mountainous division of the state. Montana Griz fans on the west side and the Montana State Bobcats fans on the east side of the Divide. In 2001, the two schools formalized the rivalry and made the Great Divide Trophy one of the hardest fought rivalries in the FCS.

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Bobcat Sculpture

Named after the first live mascot, Spirit, the university had in 1916, the bronze statue sits at the center of the Alumni Plaza. The sculpture has been on campus since 2009. It has even been seen to wear a MSU Bobcat sweater in the winter.

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The bobcat mascot can be found during the game on the sidelines and in the stands. He also hangs outside the stadium before the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Stand Up and Cheer”

    fight song

    Stand up and cheer,
    Cheer long and loud for dear Montana State
    For today we raise
    The blue and gold to wave victorious
    Our sturdy band now is fighting
    And we are sure to win the fray
    We’ve got the vim, We’re here to win
    For this is dear Montana State!

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