1. Brawl of the Wild

The rivalry between the University of Montana Grizzlies and the Montana State Bobcats can be traced back to November 26, 1897 in Bozeman. The fan bases of the two schools is split by the Continental Divide, which is a natural mountainous division of the state. Montana Griz fans on the west side and the Montana State Bobcats fans on the east side of the Divide.  In 2001, the two schools formalized the rivalry and made the Great Divide Trophy one of the hardest fought rivalries in the FCS.

2. Player Achievement Awards

The Buck Buchanan Award is given out each year to the most outstanding defensive player of the FCS. Only three schools have accomplished winning this award for back-to-back seasons.  Montana State University Bobcats won the award in both 2012 and 2013.  Also, out of the 11 quarterbacks that have both 1,000+ yards rushing and 10,000+ yards passing in their career, two have done it as a Bobcat.  Travis Lulay (2005) and DeNarius McGhee (2013) accomplished this feat, with both beginning their careers as freshmen.


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3. Bobcat sculpture

Named after the first live mascot, Spirit, the university had in 1916, the bronze statue sits at the center of the Alumni Plaza on campus since 2009.  It has even been seen to wear a Montana State Bobcat sweater in the winter.

4. Cat Walk

Before every Montana State Bobcat game, fans can watch the football team be led by the marching band and Champ to the stadium from the fieldhouse.  The walk pumps up the fans before they enter the Bobcat Stadium.

5. Champ the Bobcat

The bobcat mascot can be found during the game on the sidelines and in the stands.  He also hangs outside the stadium before the game.

6. Gold Rush

Fans of the Bobcats can be seen sporting head-to-toe gold for the home opener for a tradition that began in 2006.  Each year fans can purchase a limited edition “Gold Rush” t-shirt at the Montana State bookstore or at various Universal Athletics stores across the state.

7. M on the Mountain

The Friday before the homecoming game, people can hike to the “M” on Mount Baldy.  The first 100 hikers to get there receive a t-shirt that says “I hiked the M.”  Later that night, the school lights up the “M”.


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8. Rollie’s Folly

Also known as Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, Rollie’s Folly is a wooden arched roof indoor stadium. It is the second-largest building of its type while having the largest wooden roof in the world.  This facility has been used for other events besides the university ones.  It commonly hosts Montana High School Association athletic events.  It has also hosted the world middleweight championship in 1960.

9. “Party at the Pit” and “Go Cats Go” lighting

During Homecoming, Montana State holds a bonfire in Parking Lot F (between the fieldhouse and the stadium.  It usually takes place on the Thursday before the game along with the “go Cats go” lighting.  Residents on campus hang lights in the window to spell this phrase out.

10. Yellowstone

Bozeman, MT is an hour away from Yellowstone National Park.  While there, people can see different wildlife including bison, wolves, deer, elk, and bald eagles.  They can also see the famous “Old Faithful,” the cone geyser.  They can also hike around the park to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and its waterfall.


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