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If you’re making the trip to Montgomery during the summer, then you’ll want to stop at a Biscuits game. Biscuits games are fun for the whole family, and no matter how big of a baseball fan you are you’ll have an excellent time.

Baseball fans will love the opportunity to see future MLB stars take the field as well as the ability to get autographs from players without much hassle. While non-baseball fans will enjoy the fun promotions, mascots, and other extras a Minor League Baseball game has to offer.

Kids especially will have a great time attending a Biscuits game. The team’s lovable mascots Big Mo and Monty get into all kinds of antics during the game, and young fans will also love the Biscuits’ live mascot Miss Gravy Duchess of Pork. Kids will also enjoy the play area along the third base line as well.

A Biscuits game is one of the best ways to spend a summer evening in Montgomery, so get your tickets to a Montgomery Biscuits game today.

Things to check out


As the name implies, you’ll find lots of biscuits when attending a Montgomery Biscuits game. The minute you step into the park, you’ll be able to purchase some delicious biscuits, and you may even catch a biscuit thrown into the crowd in between innings. Enjoy a freshly cooked biscuit when taking in a Montgomery Biscuits game at Riverwalk Stadium.

Club Car Bar

Stop by the Club Car Bar during the game. The Club Car Bar is an exclusive bar and a great place to hang out during the game. Here you’ll be able to enjoy brews, large-screen TVs, and more, so check it out during your visit to Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium.

Big Mo and Monty

Keep an eye out for the Biscuits mascots Big Mo and Monty during the game. Big Mo is a monster that loves biscuits and Monty is a biscuit creating a lot of fun shenanigans during the game.

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Biscuit Basket

Pick up a souvenir from your trip to Riverwalk Stadium at the Biscuit Basket. The Biscuit Basket sells a wide selection of Biscuits merchandise including plush toys, t-shirts, caps, and more.

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Miss Gravy Duchess of Pork

Don’t miss the Biscuits live mascot Miss Gravy Duchess of Pork during the game. The live pig is a must-see part of the game, so make sure to see her when attending a game at Riverwalk Stadium.

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Kids Play Area

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then check out the kids play area down the third base line. Here you’ll find all kinds of kids activities making it the perfect place to take restless kids during the game.

Locomotive Loft

The Locomotive Loft is located along the third base line and is a fantastic place to hold a group event for 60 to 120 people. Here you’ll receive a suite level view, a two-hour buffet, a private wait staff, and more, making it an excellent option for your group.

Whistle Stop Grille

The Whistle Stop Grille is for groups up to 120 people and features a picnic buffet, a welcome message, and a fantastic view of the ballpark from left field. The Whistle Stop Grille is a great group venue for just about any party, so make your reservation today.

Boxcar Buffet

The Boxcar Buffet is large enough to accommodate just about any size group, and the most popular party destinations in the ballpark. The large picnic tables make it easy for everyone in your group to sit together, and you’ll have an incredible view of the action on the field from center field.

Luxury Suites

Those of you looking for a private and luxurious ballpark experience will want to reserve one of the luxury suites at Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium.

Fight Songs

  1. They’re Outta Sight

    Up Early Everyday Making them the Best
    Working Up a Storm, Cooking Up a Slugfest
    We Made this Batch Out of Pure Ambition,
    If You Can’t Stand the Heat Get Out of our Kitchen

    These Biscuits Make U Feel Alright
    We Love Our Biscuits, They’re Outta Sight

    Making them from Scratch is a Whole Lotta Fun
    That Way We Know our Biscuits will be Number One
    There’s no Place I’d Rather Be
    Than this Great Big Park full of Biscuits for Me

    We Love Our Biscuits They’re Outta Sight

  2. Bring on the Biscuits

    I’ve Got a Hunger, You’ve Got A Hunger
    We’ve Got a Team that’s Hot to Win

    So Bring on the Biscuits
    Yeah Bring on the Biscuits
    Oh Bring on the Biscuits
    And Let the Game Begin

    This Team is Cooking and We’ve Got a Hunch
    These Boys are Looking to Eat Your Lunch

    So Bring on the Biscuits
    Yeah Bring on the Biscuits
    Oh Bring on the Biscuits
    And Let’s Cook

    We’re Gonna Show’em Who’s Boss
    Show’em How It’s Done
    The Biscuits Are Rising
    It’s Gonna Be Fun

    We’ve Got a Town With a Burning Desire
    We’ve Got a Team that’ s Gonna Set It on Fire

    Well They’re All Warmed Up and Ready to Go
    It’s Time for Baseball to Rock and Roll

    So Bring on the Biscuits
    Yeah Bring on the Biscuits
    Oh Bring on the Biscuits
    And Let’s Cook

    Yeah Yeah, Bring on the Biscuits
    And Let’s Cook
    Aww Let’s Cook

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