1. Fan Zone

The Fan Zone opens two hours before the game and is the place to be if you’re an Alouettes fan. Here you’ll find a variety of activities to check out including the team walk, so make sure to arrive early and check it out before the game.

2. Replica Locker Room

Stop by the replica locker room located near the Parc Avenue entrance. The replica locker room presents an excellent photo opportunity and is a great way to see what it’s like to be an Als player making it a can’t miss for any fan.

3. Touche

Touche is the official mascot of the Montreal Alouettes, so keep an eye out for him at the game. He gets into all kinds of shenanigans and is beloved by fans young and old making him a can’t miss part of any Alouettes game.

4. Crowd Entertainers

Nobody gets Als fans on their feet quite like the crowd entertainers. The ten entertainers are located all throughout the stands and do an incredible job of getting everyone involved in the action, so join in their chants and help the Als take home the W.

5. Montreal Alouettes-Toronto Argonauts Rivalry

Montreal and Toronto have a fierce rivalry that extends beyond sports making any contest between Montreal and Toronto intense. The Als-Argos rivalry mirrors the rivalry between the two cities as well as the Canadiens and Maple Leafs making every matchup between these two a must-see.

6. Alouettes Tailgate Party

The Alouettes tailgate party kicks off two and a half hours before the game and is the perfect place to hang out before the game. The party provides you with everything you need for a good tailgating including food trucks, grills, inflatables and more. All you have to do is bring some beer and join in the fun.

7. General Admissions Terrace

The General Admission Terrace offers $25 tickets and is where you’ll find some of the rowdiest and most diehard fans at any game. Those of you looking for a bargain or to sit with some of the biggest Als fans out there should get tickets in the General Admission Terrace.

8. Stats Board

If you like knowing all of the players’ stats, then the stats board is just the thing for you. Stats heads will love the stats board, which is located above the regular video board.

9. Theme Games

Throughout the season the Alouettes hold a variety of theme games making them the perfect time to take in a game at Molson Stadium. The theme games each have a unique feel, so don’t miss any of them during the season.

10. Alouettes Cheerleaders

Make sure to catch the Alouettes Cheerleaders performances throughout the game. These talented women put on quite the show making them a can’t miss part of any Alouettes game.

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