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Montreal is home to the most decorated team in the NHL, as well as some of the most passionate fans the league has to offer, which results in a trip to the Bell Centre being on the bucket list of hockey fans everywhere. Before even entering the Bell Centre you’ll be greeted with the history and aura surrounding the team, thanks to the statues at Centennial Plaza. The statues pay tribute to some of the greatest players to lace them up for the Habs including Maurice Richard and Jean Beliveau.

Once inside the Bell Centre, there is, even more, Habs history on display. The many banners hanging from the arena’s rafters honor all the best players and teams in franchise history. You’ll also see nods to these same greats all throughout the concourse as well.

The passion and pride Habs fans have in their team will also make a trip to Montreal an unforgettable experience. The city lives and dies with this team and when inside the arena you’ll be treated to one of the best crowds in the NHL. If the Habs win, you’ll even get the opportunity to take part in their famous “Ole” chant, which is worth the price of admission all by itself.

You’ll feel right on top of the action no matter where you’re sitting at the Bell Centre. The upper deck is very steep but puts you as close to the ice as possible making for an excellent viewing experience. The one downside to the arena, though, is that some of the further seats have an obstructed view of the scoreboard.

You can’t go wrong attending a Habs game, which will provide you with an unforgettable experience that every hockey fan should experience at least once.

Things to check out

Retired Numbers and Championship Banners

The Canadiens are one of the most decorated teams in pro sports having won a record 24 Stanley Cups over the course of their history. The team has also had many legendary players come through their doors including Maurice Richard, Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey, and many more, so take in the team’s numerous championship and retired number banners during your visit to the Bell Centre.

Centennial Plaza

Stop by Centennial Plaza to see statues honoring Habs all-time greats including Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Guy Lafleur, and Howie Morenz. No trip to the Bell Centre is complete without snapping a pic with these statues.

Ring of Honor

If the banners hanging from the rafters weren’t enough of a shrine to Montreal’s players, coaches, and executives in franchise history then the Ring of Honor certainly fits the bill. The Ring of Honor does an excellent job of showcasing all the Hockey Hall of Famers in Canadiens history, so take a minute to take it all in.

Bell Centre Tour

Those of you getting into town ahead of time will want to take a tour of the Bell Centre to get the full Canadiens experience. The tour gives you unparalleled access to the facility and even lets you see the Habs dressing room in person.

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La Cage-Brasserie Sportive

La Cage-Brasserie Sportive offers an incredible sports bar experience inside the Bell Centre. The restaurant features two stories and is an excellent place to grab something to eat or drink before the game.

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Tricolor Sports

If you want to pick up some Canadiens gear during your trip to Montreal then the Habs pro shop is one of the best places to do so. Here you’ll find a great selection of Canadiens gear including jerseys, hats, and much more.

Montreal Expos

Hanging from the rafters along with Habs banners is one honoring Montreal’s former professional baseball team the Expos. The banner shows off the franchise’s retired numbers including Hall of Famers Gary Carter and Andre Dawson, the only player to win the National League MVP on a last place team.

End of Period Siren

The Habs are one of only two teams with an end of period siren instead of a horn. The siren at the Bell Centre harkens back to hockey’s earlier days, so listen for the difference when attending a Habs game.

Ice Torch

Before every home playoff game at the Bell Centre, a local youth hockey player comes out with a torch and promptly places the torch at center ice. The ceremony is quite the sight to behold giving the impression the ice is engulfed in flames. Everyone works themselves into a frenzy during this incredible tradition, so don’t miss it if you’re attending a playoff game in Montreal.

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Youppi! was the mascot of the Montreal Expos from 1979 to 2004 when the team moved to Washington, D.C. Following the Expos move Youppi! found a new home with the Canadiens and has been entertaining fans at the Bell Center ever since. Youppi! is one of the most famous and beloved mascots in hockey, so keep your eye out for him during your next trip to the Bell Centre.

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Fight Songs

  1. MTL Stand Up


    Montreal stand up, let ’em hear us,
    It’s 25 for 67 now can you feel it,
    Come on Habs fans stand up all together,
    Yell MTL for life, les Canadiens forever

    Annie Slayd’s got a change in the rally theme in the same rhyme,
    Take back the game and cup at the same time,
    It’s like, it’s us against the world right now,
    But were Habs, we never let the torch die down,

    A unified city has spoken,
    ‘Cause we don’t wanna see another young man broken,
    This is a movement,
    And you don’t gotta chance to stop it,


    If that’s a hockey play, then hockey must change,
    Wanna be proud of our sport, not ashamed,
    It ain’t about attempt, it ain’t about blame,
    Were doin’ this for Max, were doin’ it for the game,

    Tryin’ to open some eyes,
    But you can’t break the spirit and Canadiens pride,
    I know one way to keep this feelin’ alive,
    How about 67 for 25…

    Montreal stand up, let em’ hear us,
    It’s 25 for 67 now can you feel it,
    Come on Habs fans stand up all together,
    Yell MTL for life, les Canadiens forever

    ‘Betcha didn’t know that blood was thicker than ice,
    This team is a family, we stand together in a fight,
    The ones who riot, you know they ain’t the real fans,
    It’s the twenty-one thousand in the stands,

    The ones who give the 10 minute ovations,
    Can’t appreciate it unless you’ve felt the vibrations,
    Were the home team you don’t wanna be facin’,
    The one’s who’ve celebrated more than any in the nation,

    It’s easy to hate on the ones who speak up,
    It’s easy to hate the one with all the cups,
    Boston and Philly love to slander us,
    But they don’t got half as many fans as us,

    Pickin’ on PK, they got a hate on him,
    Maybe because they know they can’t skate with him,
    T-Dot, it’s like they’re afraid of him,
    I wouldn’t take the whole team in a trade for him,

    No more nice guy, Annie Slayd,
    Best fans in the game, (screw?) what they say,
    I know one way to keep our spirits high,
    How about 76 for 25…

    Montreal stand up, let em’ hear us,
    It’s 25 for 67 now can you feel it,
    Come on Habs fans stand up all together,
    Yell MTL for life, les Canadiens forever
    Greatest fans in the world, are you ready,
    Why not win it all for Max Pacioretty,
    Come on Habs fans stand up all together,
    Yell MTL for life, les Canadiens forever

    ’77, ’78, ’79, ’02, ’04, ’08,


    Habs for life, MTL forever,
    Montreal for life, Canadiens forever! (x2)

  2. Le But

    Canadiens goal song

    Icitte au Qubec y fait pas froid, y fait frette
    C’est de même parce que c’est de même pis c’est ben correct
    On a de la place en masse
    Et nos face-à-face on les fait sur la glace
    Alors, on lace nos patins pis nos casques
    Et comme Maurice, on glisse dans l’arène avec la haine de la défaite
    Et le feu dans les yeux
    En fait, Quand on veut, on peut…
    Gagner !

    En des temps si lointains qu’les franco s’appelaient Canadiens
    À une époque où les Puck étaient faites de crottin
    On a réuni des hommes dont le destin commun est comme un film sans fin
    En Technicolor, et tricolore :
    Bleu comme le St-Laurent
    Blanc comme l’hiver
    Rouge comme le sang qui nous coule à travers
    Le corps de l’équipe c’est le coeur de la nation
    Et chaque année, faut clore avec une célébration

    Ils l’diront jamais tel quel aux nouvelles
    Mais le tissu social de Montréal
    C’est de la Sainte-Flanelle
    Quand y est question de hockey
    Nous on fait pas dans la dentelle, OK?
    C’est plus qu’un sport :
    c’t’ une métaphore de notre sort
    C’est ça qui nous ressemble
    C’est ça qui nous rassemble
    Anglo, franco peu importe ta couleur de peau
    Si tu détestes Toronto le sang qui bouge dans tes artères
    Est aussi rouge, mon frère, que les chandails de nos

    Vingt coeurs de vainqueurs qui luttent avec honneur
    Les Canadiens pour une fois rallient tous les Québécois
    Vingt coeurs de vainqueurs pour le pire et le meilleur
    Les Canadiens de Montréal : notre équipe nationale

    Un plan de match qu’on respecte à la lettre
    Un gardien alerte
    Des bonnes mises en échec
    Des passes drettes sur la palette
    Pis des lancers précis et secs
    C’est comme ça qu’on va gagner nos épaulettes !

    Mais quand ça va mal, quand on cale ou on dévire
    Que j’voie pas un sale quitter le pont du navire
    C’pas à matin -non!- qu’on accroche nos patins
    Un Flying Frenchman, franchement!, ça franchit sans flancher

    Allez-y les Habitants, quand vous la mettez dedans
    Y a un petit peu de nous autres la d’dans
    On est debout avec vous on ira jusqu’au bout
    Durantant la saison c’est toute la nation qui vibre au même diapason

    Comme quand le gens criaient “Guy Guy Guy”
    C’tait en dépit du combat constant de la vie
    ça leur donnait des forces
    Ils pouvaient bomber le torse
    Voil l’amorce d’un ralliement réussi

    On peut Gagner ! On veut plus que participer nous on veut
    Gagner ! soir on fonce sur la patinoire pour
    Gagner ! Si on se défonce pour la victoire, on va
    Gagner ! On va gagner !

    Enfin on fait les séries, fini les folies
    Là c’est baston et rififi
    Boston, Philadelphie
    Avec les fantômes du forum
    On n’a pas peur de personne
    Chaque homme donne le maximum
    Pour que cette année soit la bonne

    Au printemps la fièvre est universelle
    Pis y’a juste une place où la glace il faut pas qu’elle dégèle
    Ici le sang c’est de la sève qui monte jusqu’ nos lèvres
    Le cri se change en un chant de ralliement qui s’élève
    ( … Allez Montréal … )

    Nos chevaliers sont en cavale pour ramener le Graal Montréal
    Le tournoi est un chemin de croix parsemé d’émoi
    Mais la coupe on y croit,
    Comme autrefois, on a la foi
    Pis si c’est pas c’t’année,
    ben comme dirait René ” la prochaine fois ”
    Québécois ! On va
    Gagner ! On veut plus que participer nous on veut
    Gagner ! À soir on fonce sur la patinoire pour
    Gagner ! Si on se défonce pour la victoire, on va
    Gagner ! On va gagner !

    Allez Montréal!

    Du sang neuf depuis 1909 avec
    Jack Laviolette, Lach
    Pitre et Pit Lépine en passant par
    Newsy Lalonde et Joe Malone
    Aurèle et Morenz
    Hains’, Plante, Gump et le Concombre,
    Pocket Rocket, Boum Boum, Cournoyer, Coco, Carbo, Casseau, Naslund
    (Oublie pas les anglos, yo )
    Toe, Dickie, Doug et Scotty
    Shutt, Larry, Ken et Bobby
    L’arrêt de Roy , rebond, Butch Bouchard à Savard,
    vers Béliveau qui esquive un joueur
    Passe à Lafleur, Lafleur accélère remet au Rocket Richard,
    deux hommes sur le dos, rien de trop gros

    On a GAGNÉ, on a gagné!
    Allez Montréal!
    On peut gagner!
    On peut gagner!
    On va gagner!

    Allez Montréal!
    On veut gagner!
    On peut gagner!
    On va gagner!

  3. Ole, Ole, Ole!

    The Canadiens “Ole” chant is one of the most famous in NHL and gets louder as the Canadiens approach a victory, You can’t help but join in on this cheer if you’re a fan attending a game at the Bell Centre.

    Ole, Ole, Ole!

    Ole, Ole, Ole!

    Ole, Ole, Ole!

  4. Go Habs Go!

    Go Habs Go!

    Go Habs Go!

    Go Habs Go!

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