1. Retired Numbers and Championship Banners

The Canadiens are one of the most decorated teams in pro sports having won a record 24 Stanley Cups over the course of their history. The team has also had many legendary players come through their doors including Maurice Richard, Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey, and many more, so take in the team’s numerous championship and retired number banners during your visit to the Bell Centre.

2. Centennial Plaza

Stop by Centennial Plaza to see statues honoring Habs all-time greats including Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Guy Lafleur, and Howie Morenz. No trip to the Bell Centre is complete without snapping a pic with these statues.

3. Youppi!

Youppi! was the mascot of the Montreal Expos from 1979 to 2004 when the team moved to Washington, D.C. Following the Expos move Youppi! found a new home with the Canadiens and has been entertaining fans at the Bell Center ever since. Youppi! is one of the most famous and beloved mascots in hockey, so keep your eye out for him during your next trip to the Bell Centre.

4. Ring of Honor

If the banners hanging from the rafters weren’t enough of a shrine to Montreal’s players, coaches, and executives in franchise history then the Ring of Honor certainly fits the bill. The Ring of Honor does an excellent job of showcasing all the Hockey Hall of Famers in Canadiens history, so take a minute to take it all in.

5. Ole, Ole, Ole!

The Canadiens “Ole” chant is one of the most famous in NHL and gets louder as the Canadiens approach a victory, You can’t help but join in on this cheer if you’re a fan attending a game at the Bell Centre.

6. Belle Centre Tour

Those of you getting into town ahead of time will want to take a tour of the Bell Centre to get the full Canadiens experience. The tour gives you unparalleled access to the facility and even lets you see the Habs dressing room in person.

7. Ice Torch

Before every home playoff game at the Bell Centre, a local youth hockey player comes out with a torch and promptly places the torch at center ice. The ceremony is quite the sight to behold giving the impression the ice is engulfed in flames. Everyone works themselves into a frenzy during this incredible tradition, so don’t miss it if you’re attending a playoff game in Montreal.

8. End of Period Siren

The Habs are one of only two teams with an end of period siren instead of a horn. The siren at the Bell Centre harkens back to hockey’s earlier days, so listen for the difference when attending a Habs game.

9. La Cage-Brasserie Sportive

La Cage-Brasserie Sportive offers an incredible sports bar experience inside the Bell Centre. The restaurant features two stories and is an excellent place to grab something to eat or drink before the game.

10. Tricolor Sports

If you want to pick up some Canadiens gear during your trip to Montreal then the Habs pro shop is one of the best places to do so. Here you’ll find a great selection of Canadiens gear including jerseys, hats, and much more.

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