The area surrounding Stade Saputo offers unique pregame entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else in Major League Soccer. Stade Saputo is located at Parc Olympique giving you the opportunity to take a tour of Stade Olympique as well as the rest of the 1976 Olympic facilities. You’ll also be able to stop by the Biodome and see lots of wildlife, so make a full day of it and see Stade Olympique and the Biodome before attending a Montreal Impact game.

If you’re looking for some tailgating action, then make sure to check out the 127 Montreal tailgate. The supporter group tailgates outside Stade Saputo for every Impact home game and is a bit more relaxed than some of the other supporter groups.

Whether you want to see some local sights or tailgate with Impact fans, you’ll find plenty to do at Parc Olympique before the game.


Stade Olympique Tour

Stade Saputo is located at Parc Olympique, so arrive early and take a tour of Stade Olympique. Stade Olympique was the home of the 1976 Olympics and features the tallest inclined tour in the world making it a must-see.

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Another must-see attraction at Parc Olympique is the Biodome. The Biodome offers you the opportunity to see all kinds of plants and wildlife making it a can’t miss for anyone visiting Montreal.

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127 Montreal Tailgate

Those of you wanting to meet some fellow Montreal Impact fans make sure to stop by the 127 Montreal Tailgate. The supporter group is very friendly and welcoming to all so come over and join in the fun.

Where to tailgate

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