1. The North Star

1642MTL’s five foot tall 1576 lb bell is a must-see when attending an Impact match. The bell is rung in celebration of goals and victories by local celebrities. Don’t miss the ringing of The North Star when attending a Montreal Impact match.

2. 401 Derby

The 401 Derby between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC is one of the most intense rivalries in Major League Soccer. The derby is named after Ontario Highway 401, which connects the two cities. The rivalry mirrors the one between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maples and like that one both the distance between the two cities and their cultural differences fuel the flames. If you can only attend one Montreal Impact match, then make it be a 401 Derby match between the Impact and Toronto FC.

3. Supporter Groups

The Impact has four major support groups: The Montreal Impact Supporters Association, Ultras Montreal, 127 Montreal, and 1642MTL. The supporter groups each have their own area within Stade Saputo and do an incredible job of showing their love and support for the Impact. Pay particular attention to Ultras Montreal who set up shop in sections 132 and is home to some of best tifos in Stade Saputo.

4. 127 Montreal Tailgate

Those of you wanting to meet some fellow Montreal Impact fans make sure to stop by the 127 Montreal Tailgate. The supporter group is very friendly and welcoming to all so come over and join in the fun.

5. Montreal Impact Team Shop

Stop by the Montreal Impact Team Shop and pick up a souvenir from your trip to Montreal. Here you’ll find just about any Impact gear you would want meaning you won’t have to worry about leaving empty handed.

6. Stade Olympique Tour

Stade Saputo is located at Parc Olympique, so arrive early and take a tour of Stade Olympique. Stade Olympique was the home of the 1976 Olympics and features the tallest inclined tour in the world making it a must-see.

7. Biodome

Another must-see attraction at Parc Olympique is the Biodome. The Biodome offers you the opportunity to see all kinds of plants and wildlife making it a can’t miss for anyone visiting Montreal.

8. Tac-Tik the Dog

Get a picture with the Impact mascot Tac-Tik the Dog during your visit to Stade Saputo. You can catch the Impact’s mascot all around the park, so keep an eye for him since you won’t want to miss him.

9. Family Zone

If you’re bringing the kids to the game, make sure to stop by the Family Zone. The Family Zone is home to a variety of activities for kids and families and is located in section 118.

10. Montreal Impact-Vancouver Whitecaps Rivalry

While nowhere near as heated as the rivalry between the Impact and Toronto FC, there are still plenty of bragging rights on the line when the Impact and Whitecaps meet. The two teams are in different conferences, which tempers things a bit, but you’ll still be in for a good match when attending an Impact-Whitecaps match.

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