1. Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame

The Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame is a must-see for sports fans and allows fans to see tributes and exhibits dedicated to the greatest players and teams in Tennessee history. The Hall of Fame only costs $3 and is a great experience no matter what your favorite sport.

2. Ford Bandstand

See local bands before the game and during intermission at the Ford Bandstand. The bandstand is located at the north end of the arena and does an excellent job of giving Bridgestone Arena a uniquely Music City feel.

3. Gold Walk

At select games, the Predators roll out the gold carpet for their fans. The Gold Walk allows fans to enter the game on the gold carpet as their cheered on creating a unique experience. Attend a Gold Saturday game for your chance to walk the gold carpet before the game.

4. Cellblock

Located in section 303, The Cellblock is home to the most passionate and diehard Predators fans out there. If you’re looking to get loud and rowdy, then the Cell Block is the place for you.

5. Fang Fingers

During power plays, fans form fang fingers and shake them to the theme from the movie Psycho. Join in on this fun tradition to aid the Preds in their power play efforts.

6. Catfish

Predators have taken a play out of Detroit’s playbook by throwing catfish onto the ice following goals. Look for people to throw catfish onto the ice following big goals in important games.

7. Standing O

Join Predators fans in standing during the game’s final TV timeout. The tradition dates back to a 3-2 win over the Blues on April 3, 2008, when Preds fans stood for the duration of the final TV timeout, and they have been standing ever since.

8. Bridgestone Arena Tower

The Bridgestone Arena Tower, located at the main entrance on Broadway, is home to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, Nashville Visitor’s Center, and an XM Radio Studio. Stop by the Arena Tower to check out any of these three.

9. Gnash

The Predators official mascot, Gnash, entertains fans young and old during games at Bridgestone Arena. No matter what your age or mood Gnash will always bring a smile to your face.

10. Predators Energy Team

The Predators Energy Team is an integral part of the Nashville game day experience energizing the crowd with cheers and promotions. Get loud when you see the Energy Team for your chance to win Preds prizes.

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