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You won’t want to miss your chance to experience seeing a Sounds game at First Horizon Park. The Nashville Sounds moved into the beautiful new First Horizon Park in downtown Nashville in 2015, which is home to one of the best gameday experiences in the Pacific Coast League. First Horizon Park offers everything you could want in a ballpark, and then some making each visit to ballpark an incredible time.

Baseball fans will love attending a Sounds game at First Horizon Park since the ballpark is filled with tributes to the history of the Sounds and baseball in Nashville. First Horizon Park is built on the site of the Sulphur Dell, which served as the home of Nashville baseball clubs from 1870 to 1963. As a result, all throughout First Horizon Park, you can see tributes to the Sulphur Dell and former Nashville ball clubs such as the Southern Associations Nashville Vols.

Non-baseball fans will also enjoy a trip to First Horizon Park as the stadium is packed full of entertainment options. The Band Box is a great gathering spot and is home to a restaurant, bar, and games such as foosball and ping pong. You can even play a round a mini golf at the nine-hole The Country Club meaning even if you don’t like baseball you’ll have an excellent time attending a Sounds game.

Finally, First Horizon Park is home to plenty of kids and family entertainment. The Fun Zone in right field is the perfect place to take restless kids during the game, and young fans will love the Sounds mascot Booster.

No matter how big of a baseball fan you are or what your age, you’ll have a fantastic time attending a Sounds game at First Horizon Park.

Things to check out

Guitar Scoreboard

The Nashville Sounds guitar scoreboard is a can’t miss for anyone taking in a game at First Horizon Park. The scoreboard is a carryover from the team’s previous home, Herschel Greer Stadium, and is an iconic part of both the old and new park.

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Band Box

Those of you who want to enjoy a Sounds game to the fullest will want to check out the Band Box. The Band Box is an outdoor bar and restaurant that features a variety of games including ping pong, foosball, cornhole, and more.

The Country Club

If you’re looking for some more entertainment at the ballpark, then you can enjoy the nine-hole mini golf course at First Horizon Park. Each game costs $5 per player and is a fun way to spend some time at the ballpark.

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Tributes to the Old Sulphur Dell

First Horizon Park is home to several tributes to the old Sulphur Dell ballpark, which stood where the new park stands today. Sulphur Dell was the home ballpark of Nashville ball clubs from 1870 to 1963, and all around First Horizon Park, you can see pictures, displays dedicated to former Nashville baseball clubs, and other tributes to the old stadium. Take a stroll around the ballpark before the game to see all the reminders of the old Sulphur Dell.

Fun Zone

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then make sure to check out the Fun Zone in the Plaza behind right field. The Fun Zone is home to a big slide, a speed pitch, and other activities making it a fun place for the whole family.

Pro Shop

Stop by the Pro Shop behind home plate to pick up a Sounds cap, t-shirt, jersey, or foam finger. You’ll find a wide variety of Sounds merchandise at the Pro Shops, so no matter what kind of souvenir you’re looking for you won’t leave empty-handed.

Retired Numbers

The Sounds have three retired numbers that honor some of the greatest players in sounds and baseball history. The team has retired number 00 for Skeeter Barnes, 18 for Don Mattingly, and 42 for Jackie Robinson.


Don’t miss the Sounds beloved mascot Booster when attending a game at First Horizon Park. Booster gets into all kind of shenanigans at games and if you see him on the concourse, make sure to give him a high-five.

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Fight Songs

  1. "That Sound” by Barry Zito

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