1. Army-Navy Rivalry

It’s always a big game when Army and Navy square off no matter what the sport. The two service academies have one of the oldest rivalries in college sports making it a can’t miss whenever these two get together. Don’t miss it when the Black Knights and Midshipmen face off on the court as you’ll be in for a good one.

2. Memorial Plazas

Before entering Alumni Hall stop by the two memorial plazas outside the arena. The plazas were donated by the classes of 1942, ‘52, and ‘58, and are a must-see for anyone attending a Navy basketball game.

3. Murals

Inside Alumni Hall are three murals donated by the class of 1961. The murals are marine artists Tom Freeman’s work and are titled “The Marines at the Hue Citadel,” “Dawn on Yankee Station,” and “Rescue by USS Barb.” Stop by and see all of the murals during your trip to Annapolis.

4. David Robinson Banner

David Robinson is the greatest player in Navy basketball history, so make sure to see the banner honoring him inside Alumni Hall. The Admiral made his mark not only at Navy but also in the NBA winning two NBA championships and the 1995 MVP Award.
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5. "I Believe That We Will Win"

The famous chant that can be heard throughout the country originated at the Naval Academy. The chant credited to Jay Rodriguez came to notoriety in 1999 during Navy’s 19-9 win over Army as Rodriguez’s friend and cheerleader Corey Strong led the crowd in a stirring rendition of the cheer. Today the cheer is a staple at Navy games and is heard late in games when a Midshipmen victory is imminent. Join in on the cheer as the Midshipmen march to victory.
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6. Bill the Goat

Bill the Goat is Navy’s official mascot and can be found at every Midshipmen game. Bill entertains the crowd with his antics, and you never know where he’ll show up next, so keep an eye out for him when attending a Navy basketball game.
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7. Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders are a big part of the game day experience at Navy as they do an excellent job pumping up the crowd. The cheer squad performs a variety of routines during games, although the most popular by far is the t-shirt toss. Get loud when the Navy cheerleaders take the court for your chance to take home a free t-shirt.
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8. Plaques and Seat Dedications

Alumni Hall is home to tons of plaques honoring those who have served in the Navy, and the arena’s seats are dedicated to them as well. There are tons of tributes to former Navy officials, so take them all in during your visit.
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9. Miniature Ships

Make sure to check out the miniature ships displayed around Alumni Hall. The ships are a can’t miss for anyone visiting as well as an excellent way to learn more about Naval history.

10. Drum and Bugle Corp

Instead of a traditional pep band, Navy has a drum and bugle corp. These talented musicians put on quite the performances during the game and provide an excellent in-game atmosphere, so enjoy the show during your trip to Annapolis.
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