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There are few more exciting venues in the ACC than PNC Arena during a Tobacco Road matchup. NC State fans are among the most loyal out there, and you’ll find lots of pride and passion on display when attending a Wolfpack basketball game. The crowd is especially intense when one of the other Tobacco Road schools are in town as you’ll have plenty of fans of both schools creating a fun back and forth.

PNC Arena also does an excellent job of showcasing the Wolfpacks rich basketball history, especially when you consider the fact PNC Arena is a shared facility between the Wolfpack and the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes. The majority of the banners hanging from the rafters belong to the Wolfpack and the team even has their own trophy case and team store inside the arena. The trophy case, in particular, is a must-see for any college basketball fans who want to see the schools two NCAA championship trophies.

If you’re looking for things to do before or after the game, make the trip to downtown Raleigh where there are lots of bars and restaurants to check out. Carolina is famous for its barbecue, so you should make sure to check out some of the barbecue joints if you want to get the full Raleigh experience. The Pit is the most famous barbecue spot in town, but there are plenty of other ones worth checking out as well.

PNC Arena offers an incredible in-game experience and is a great road trip for anyone looking to experience Tobacco Road basketball.

Things to check out

Trophy Case

Make sure to check out the trophy case inside PNC Arena to see the Wolfpack’s two national championship trophies. Remember the 1974 team and the 1983 team’s incredible upset of Houston by visiting the trophy case.


The Wolfpack have a slew of banners hanging from the ceiling honoring the best teams and players in the program's history. The banners do an excellent job of showcasing NC State’s illustrious history and give PNC Arena a distinctly NC State feel.

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State Stuff Store

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Raleigh, there is no better place to do so than the State Stuff Store. The store features a variety of different Wolfpack items, so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll likely find it here.

Locker Room Bar

Those of you looking to grab a drink at the game will want to stop by the Locker Room Bar. The bar offers a variety of beers and mixed drinks and features lots of NC State, and Carolina Hurricanes memorabilia so check it out.

Sign of the Wolf

The Sign of the Wolf is a great way to show off your Wolfpack pride and let everyone know who you root for. To show the Sign of the Wolf bring your ring finger, middle finger, and thumb together while sticking your index and pinky fingers up. Next time you're at an NC State game, make sure to show the Sign of the Wolf to meet fellow fans and make friends quickly.

Mr. and Mrs. Wuf

You can spot Mr. and Mrs. Wuf at every NC State basketball game cheering on the team and interacting with fans. These two lovable mascots help spur on the Wolfpack to victory, so keep an eye out for them at the game.

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Pep Band

The pep band at an NC State game really stands out and does an excellent job of setting the tone for the game. The pep band does an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere and distracting opponents during free throws. Enjoy the pep band during the game as they’re one of the best in the ACC.

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Fight Songs

  1. NC State Fight Song

    Sung before games and after Wolfpack scores

    Shout aloud to the men,
    Who will play the game to win.
    We’re behind you,
    Keep fighting for State.

    Hold that line,
    Hold ’em fast,
    We will reach victory at last
    We’re behind you
    Keep fighting for State.

    Rise up to the fray,
    And let your colors wave,
    Shout out for dear old NC State
    (Go State!)

    And where e’er we go,
    We’ll let the whole world know,
    We’re behind you,
    Keep fighting for State.


  2. Red & White Song

    We’re the Red and White from State,
    And we know we are the best.
    A hand behind our back,
    We can take on all the rest.
    Come over the hill, Caroline.*
    Devils and Deacs stand in line.
    The Red and White from N.C. State,
    Go State!

  3. Alma Mater

    Where the winds of Dixie softly blow
    o’er the fields of Caroline,
    There stands ever cherished, N.C. State,
    as thy honored shrine.
    So lift your voices! Loudly sing
    from hill to oceanside!

    Our hearts ever hold you, N.C. State,
    in the folds of our love and pride.

  4. Wolfpack Chant

    One side of the stadium chants “Wolf” while the other side responds by chanting “Pack.” This is one of the favorite chants of Wolfpack fans and is a sure fire way to get the crowd pumped up.


  5. Go Pack

    Go Pack!

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