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If you’re a hoops fan in the Reno area, then you’ll want to take some time and attend a Wolf Pack basketball game. Recent improvements to the Lawlor Events Center and the fun atmosphere around the team make a trip to see a Nevada game a must for any Mountain West basketball fan.

The new scoreboards around the Lawlor Events Center liven the place up, and there is a fair amount of other stuff to see around the arena. Arrive a little bit before tip-off so you can take in all the championship banners and walk the concourse to see the Link Piazzo tribute and honored player banners.

If the banners and new scoreboards aren’t enough to get you excited about attending a Nevada basketball game, then the fans and pep band will. The fan support for the Wolf Pack has increased in recent years, and the formation of The Blue Crew in the mid-2000s has helped improve the atmosphere immensely over the years. The pep band, or The Howlers as they’re called, do an especially great job of creating a fun atmosphere at the Lawlor Events Center and are a big part of any Wolf Pack basketball game.

Reno also has plenty of great places to grab a drink or bite to eat before or after the game. Red’s Little Waldorf Saloon is a popular bar among locals, and nearby GourMelt is a fun place to grab a sandwich before the game.

A trip to Reno is a good time for anyone making a tour around the Mountain West, and you’ll have a fun time at the game where the improving atmosphere and nice arena provide a pleasant experience.

Things to check out


You’ll find lots of banners hanging up around the Lawlor Events Center. The banners hanging above the court celebrate the Wolf Pack teams who have won conference championships and made the NCAA Tournament. If those banners aren’t enough for you, there are lots of banners around the concourse honoring the best players in Nevada history, so make sure to check them all out.

Link Piazzo Tribute

Check out the tribute to Nevada athletics booster Link Piazzo on the concourse. The tribute is an excellent way to honor someone who has had a profound impact on the school’s athletics department.

Alphie and Wolfie Jr.

Alphie and Wolfie Jr. are the Nevada mascots. These costumed wolves roam around during the game entertaining and pumping up the crowd. Keep your eyes peeled for Alphie and Wolfie Jr. during the game.

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The Blue Crew

The Blue Crew do an excellent job of supporting the Wolf Pack at basketball games. This student organization has tons of spirit when it comes to cheering on the Wolf Pack and is a can’t miss part of any Nevada basketball game. Enjoy the sights and sounds of The Blue Crew when attending a Wolf Pack basketball game.

The Howlers

Nevada’s pep band, known as The Howlers, are a very enthusiastic part of any Wolf Pack basketball game. The Howlers do a great job of keeping spirits high during games and are the most dedicated fans in the Lawlor Events Center on game days. Make sure to enjoy the tunes provided by The Howlers during your trip to Reno.

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Fight Songs

  1. N-E-V-A-D-A! Chant




  2. Fight Song

    HAIL to our sturdy team, loyal and true,
    MARCH, march on down the field oh Silver and Blue!

    We’ll give a long cheer for NEVADA’s team,
    See them break through again,
    Fighting for our own U of N to victory.

    HAIL to our sturdy team, loyal and true,
    MARCH, march on down the field oh Silver and Blue!

    HAIL to our sturdy team, loyal and true,
    MARCH, march on down the field oh Silver and Blue!

    N – E – V – A – D – A

  3. Alma Mater

    Where the Truckee’s snowfed waters,
    Drop from mountain’s crest,
    And the meadows meet the sagebrush,
    by the sun caressed.
    Cradled by the silver mountains,
    ‘Neath the western blue,
    Stands our noble Alma Mater,
    Our Nevada U.

    As the miner, on the desert,
    Prospects ev’ry place,
    So Nevada seeks the future
    With an upturned face.
    Ev’rywhere she gathers knowledge,
    All that’s good and true,
    Gives she to her sons and daughters,
    Of Nevada U.

    We will ever live to serve her,
    Live to give our best,
    Live to make our Alma Mater
    Pride of all the West.
    Let her praises wake the echoes,
    While we pledge anew,
    Hearts and minds and hands and voices
    To Nevada U. 

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