1. End Zone Militia

Every Patriot score that takes place inside of Gillette Stadium is accompanied by a 21 gun salute.  The salute is performed by the End Zone Militia who come to every Pats game adorned in colonial attire. Over the years these guys have become more of a staple than the players on the field, so keep on the look out for the 21 gun salute when the Pats put points on the board.

2. The Hall at Patriot Place

The Hall at Patriot Place, Located just behind the north end zone, is a museum that pays homage to all the greatest players, coaches, and moments in Patriots franchise history. Inside the museum, you’ll be able to see the jersey of every player in the history of the franchise to have his number retired as well as countless other Patriots relics from the past. The museum also offers many interactive exhibits that are especially entertaining for younger fans.

3. Lot 1: Lot A and B

These two lots are among the most popular with diehard Pats fans, who come to the games dressed head to toe in Navy and Red. In both lots, you’ll meet hundreds of excited tailgaters serving fantastic food and beverages. Make sure to get to these lots at least five hours before game time if you plan on setting up your tailgate spot, since of they fill up within 30 minutes of opening.

4. Banners

Throughout Gillette Stadium you’ll encounter numbers banners commemorating all the greatest moments in Patriots history. These banners honor the four super bowl championships as well the 2007 team who went undefeated regular season. Stop by and check these out to relive all the greatest moments in Pats history.

5. Optum Field Lounge

Those of you looking to take in a Pats game in the lap of luxury will need to look no further than the Optum Field Lounge. Located on the field level of the south end zone the Optum Field Lounge gives you a one of a kind view of the action that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

6. DraftKings Fantasy Sports Zone

For diehard NFL fans or diehard fantasy football players, there is no better place in Gillette Stadium to be than the DraftKings Fantasy Sports Zone. Here you’ll get live updates on all the action going on around the league while also grabbing a quick bite to eat or something to drink as well making it the perfect place to be if you have to leave your seat during the game

7. Patriot Place

If you’re not into traditional tailgating, Patriot Place is perfect for you. The massive retail, dining, and entertainment complex located right outside of Gillette Stadium offers more than enough for fans to do on game days. No matter who you are or what your taste you’ll find something for you inside Patriots Place, which is home to upscale steakhouses, national fast food chains, and bars. The amazing variety makes Patriot Place great place to grab a quick drink or bite to eat before or after the game if you want to wait out the inevitable post-game traffic on Route 1. There is also a large amount of shopping and entertainment available at Patriot Place including a movie theater, bowling alleys, and even night clubs. Patriot Place is your one stop shop for pre and post game activities in Foxborough.

8. Pre-Game Show

The Patriots ensure everyone inside of Gillette Stadium is fired up and ready to go by putting on one of the most electrifying pre-game shows in the NFL. Things get off with a bang when the Patriots take the field to the sounds of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” and reach a fever pitch right before kickoff when AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock” booms over the stadium sound system.

9. Pat Patriot

The Pat Patriot logo may have been retired in 1993 in favor the current day “Flying Elvis” logo, however, Pat lives on as the Patriots mascot. On game days you can find Pat entertaining the crowd throughout the game, and you can even see him celebrating after every Patriots score.

10. Patriots-Jets Rivalry

The rivalry between the Patriots and Jets is comparable to the fierce Red Sox-Yankees matchup in baseball. The two teams have been playing twice a year since the start of the American Football League, and as a result of the two cities, strong animosity towards each other have developed a strong rivalry over the years. The rivalry encompasses players, coaches, and fans making it not only one of the fiercest in the AFC East, but also the NFL.

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