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The Devils are the only team that represents New Jersey specifically, and as a result, there is a lot of local pride when it comes to supporting the team. Fans from all over New Jersey come out to see these team and are as diehard they come. You’ll see plenty of red and black on display in Newark, so don the colors when making the trip.

Before you even enter the Prudential Center, you’ll be met with a festive atmosphere. Fan Fest takes place before Devils games on Championship Plaza and is an excellent way to spend some time before the game. You’ll be able to enjoy food, drinks, and free music here, so arrive early to get the most out of your Devils game day.

Once you enter the Prudential Center, you’ll see tributes to the Devils as well as hockey throughout the state of New Jersey. The concourses are lined with pictures and banners honoring former and current Devils, and inside the lobby, there is a wall of high school hockey jerseys. The Devils leave no stone unturned when it comes to showing off New Jersey’s hockey prowess so take it all in during your visit.

A Devils game provides a fun game day experience that will have you wanting to come back shortly.

Things to check out

Retired Numbers and Stanley Cup Banners

Hanging from the rafters of the Prudential Center are banners honoring the Devils greatest players including Scott Stevens, Martin Brodeur, and Scott Niedermayer, as well as the club’s three Stanley Cup winners. Check these out to remember all of the best moments in Devils history.

Championship Plaza

Championship Plaza opened to celebrate the Devils 30th anniversary and is an excellent place to gather before the game. The plaza features a 22 ft tall hockey player statue and is home to Devils Fan Fest on game days. Make sure to check it out during your visit to the Prudential Center.

Fan Fest

Fan Fest takes place at Championship Plaza is the ideal location for families to hang out before the game. At Fan Fest, you’ll be able to enjoy live music, take part in activities, and grab a bite to eat making it an excellent pregame destination.

Devils Den Team Store

Stop by the Devils Den to pick up some Devils gear before the game. The Devils Den is home to all kinds of merchandise, so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

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High School Hockey Display

The high school hockey display in the Prudential Center’s lobby does an excellent job of showing off New Jersey’s high school hockey pedigree. You can see jerseys of schools from all around the state, so take a minute to take them all in.

Goal Bar

The Goal Bar, on Suite Level One, is a great place to grab a drink and enjoy the game. The bar is even home to the Devils intermission and postgame show featuring Deb Placey and Ken Daneyko, so don’t forget to stop by during intermission.

N.J. Devil

The Devil’s seven ft tall mascot can be seen at every game high-fiving fans and firing t-shirts into the crowd. Keep your eyes open for him and your chance to win a Devils t-shirt.

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Fight Songs

  1. Devils Rule

  2. Howl

    Devils goal song

    Hey wake it up! Hey shake it out!
    Does anything still move you since you’re educated now?
    And all grown up and travelled so well
    Do you still hear the sound of the thunder while you lie up by yourself?Like you waited on his call and made your plans for great escapes
    And there used to be a movement in the way your dress would wave
    From your hips on down like electric through the ground

    Now do you blow it out come Friday night?
    See if you wanna, you can find me on the hood under the moonlight
    Radio, oh radio, do you believe there’s still some magic left
    Somewhere inside our souls?

    Like I waited on your call and made my plans to share my name
    And I love the country movement in the way your dress would wave
    From your hips on down like electric through the

    Sound of the cars rushing the rain on the boulevard
    In this city by the sea that has always haunted me
    And belonged to me somehow
    Bless your waters and your doubts
    Bless your waters
    Bless your doubts

  3. Rangers Suck!

    Rangers suck!

    Rangers suck!

    Rangers suck!

  4. Hey! Hey You Suck!

    Chanted after the Devils score

  5. Let’s Go Devils!

    Let’s Go Devils!

    Let’s Go Devils!

    Let’s Go Devils!

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