The parking lots surrounding Aggie Memorial Stadium turn into a sea of crimson and white as fans from all over the state come out to support their Aggies. The diehards show up bright and early to set up their tailgates in preparation for cheering on the Aggies and do so week in and week out regardless of whether the Aggies win or lose.

When attending an Aggies tailgate, you’ll find many tailgaters at New Mexico State like to put their cooking skills on display. Some fan favorites include brats, discos, chili, and carnitas. There is a unique southwestern flair to the food found here at New Mexico State so come prepared to enjoy some delicious regional fare.

The most important aspect of tailgating for Aggies fans is getting together with friends and family to enjoy a beautiful day chalked full of football action. There is a great deal of camaraderie between Aggies fans, so you’ll have no problem fitting right in as long as you are wearing Aggies gear or at the very least crimson and white.

Throw back a few brews and join in on the friendly experience that is tailgating before an Aggies game to get the most out of your visit to Las Cruces.


Giant A

The Giant A on the mountains overlooking the stadium is quite the sight to behold and lets you know exactly who you are going to be seeing on the field. You’ll be able to see this giant landmark from many locations throughout the stadium, so make sure to take it in when attending an Aggies game.

The Pasture

The student tailgate area offers you the perfect chance to drink a few brews, grill some burgers, and play tailgate games with fellow students. This grassy area located in lot 34 is a great place for students to tailgate before the game, so make sure to check it out when attending an Aggies game.

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Where to tailgate

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