1. Pelican Fest

Located on Girod Street near the area, Pelicans Fest offers a great place to hang out and get in the Pelicans spirit before the game. The fest contains tons of fun activities including autographs from the Pelicans Dance Team and the musical stylings of a local band. Arrive early so you can take part in this fun event.

2. Pierre the Pelicans

Pierre T. Pelican, is sure to bring a smile to your face with his crazy shenanigans. You won’t be able to help but laugh and applaud at the things you see Pierre do throughout the game. Keep your eyes peeled for Pierre throughout the game.

3. Pelicans Dance Team

The Pelicans Dance Team keeps everyone entertained with their incredible dance and cheer routines. Don’t miss these amazing performers rev up the crowd during your trip to the Smoothie King Center.

4. Pelicans Team Shop

Those of you looking to pick up some New Orleans Pelicans gear will find anything you could ever want at the Pelicans team store. Here you’ll be able to find an amazing array of Pelicans paraphernalia, so make sure to stop by.

5. Shooters Bar

If you want to grab a drink then Shooters Bar is the spot for you. Shooters is home to a full bar and offers a variety of draft beers so you won’t leave thirsty.

6. Swoop Troop

Get loud when you see the Swoop Troop for your chance to win a giveaway. The Swoop Troop gets everyone up and cheering with chants and promotions, so don’t miss them.

7. Senior Dance Team

The Pelicans Senior Dance Team proves that you’re never too old to bust a move. These dancers put on an outstanding show and will get everyone up on their feet and cheering.

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