1. Who Dat?

In 1983 the popular “Who Dat?” chant was officially adopted by the Saints and had been a staple at Saints games ever since. The chant goes “Who Dat? Who dat? Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints” and chanting it is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the New Orleans game day atmosphere.

2. Player Trot

Right before kickoff, one of the Saints’ players runs onto the field with his hand held high in a fist. Once he puts his fist down, the crowd breaks into a “Who Dat?” chant, and everyone goes wild. Don’t miss out on this uproarious player entrance that causes the dome to erupt in excitement.

3. New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame

No trip to the Superdome would be complete without stopping by the Saints Hall of Fame and reliving the all the greatest moments in Saints history. Enter through Gate B, so you can stop by and see all the amazing displays of the Hall of Fame.

4. Champions Square

Champions Square is a great place for diehard tailgaters to go before the game and is within walking distance of the French Quarter. Many people come here to party and cheer on their favorite team, even people without tickets to the big game. Champions Square can accommodate around 8,000 people creating loud parties loud that are full of energy. Walking around Champions Square, you can find live music and food vendors offering anything from wings to oysters.

5. Statues Around the Stadium

Outside the Superdome are several statues commemorating some of the greatest moments and individuals in Saints history. One of the most popular statues to stop and see is the one of Steve Gleason blocking a punt during the Saints return to the Superdome in 2006. Stop by and see them all when attending a game at the Superdome.

6. Saints Experience

If you’re bringing kids to the game, then make sure to stop by Saints Experience. At Saints Experience, you’ll find Xbox Tailgating, inflatables, football toss, raffles, and food vendors making it a great place to hangout out before Saints games.

7. Ring of Honor

Since 2013 the New Orleans Saints Ring of Honor has paid tribute to best players, coaches, and front office officials in Saints history. The Ring of Honor is located on the Terrace Level Fascia, so make sure to take a chance to look at it when attending a Saints game.

8. Same Clothes

When fans go to a game, and the Saints win, then tradition states they should wear the same clothes to the next game to bring the team good luck. If the Saints however lose, fans are advised to change their clothes for the next game to expel the misfortune they witnessed at the previous game.

9. Bourbon Street

One of the best things about going to a Saints game is how close the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is to Bourbon Street. On Bourbon Street, you would almost have to try not to find a party, as there are bars everywhere. Walking down Bourbon Street, you’re guaranteed to find fun bars and hear live jazz music that mimics the high energy of the city of New Orleans.

10. New Orleans Style Cuisine

The food here is top notch and something that every football fan should experience at least once. One of the most common foods you’ll find at a Saints tailgate is the famous Louisiana sausage known as boudin. You also can’t miss out on jambalaya when attending a Saints game as this New Orleans favorite is a must for those of you making your first trip to New Orleans.

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