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New Yorkers finally received a truly New York team when New York City FC joined Major League Soccer in 2015. For years the only option for Major League Soccer fans in New York City was to trek out to the suburbs to watch the Red Bulls, but now that there is a team located in New York fans are flocking to Yankee Stadium to see them play. New York City FC provides one of the most fun in-game experiences in New York, and an NYCFC match is a must-see for any soccer fan or sports fan.

While Yankee Stadium may not be the perfect venue for soccer, it does the trick. The sightlines may not be intended for soccer, but you’ll still have a decent view of the field throughout most of the stadium. It’s also worth noting that the fans are what sets an NYCFC match apart from other sporting events in the city. NYCFC has several supporter groups dedicated to creating as much noise as possible, and you’ll hear drumming, singing, and chanting all throughout the game.

A New York City FC provides a fun in-game atmosphere unlike anything else you’ll encounter in the five boroughs, so make sure to take in an NYCFC match when visiting New York.

Things to check out

Great Hall

Just inside the main gate is the Great Hall, a hallway lined with images of Yankees legends such as Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio. Take some time before the game to explore the Great Hall and see all that Yankee Stadium has to offer.

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Yankee Museum

If you continue through the Great Hall, you’ll eventually reach the Yankee Museum, which cycles through exhibits, so there’s always something new to see. It also features the “Ball Wall,” which contains 870 baseballs signed by Yankee coaches, players, managers, and executives with the hopes of eventually containing the signature of every player to ever wear a Yankees uniform.

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Monument Park

Behind the center field wall is Monument Park, a tribute to some of the greatest in Yankee history. Come check out famous Yankee legends immortalized in bronze statues in this beautiful park.

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When visiting Yankee Stadium make sure to check out the famous Yankee Stadium frieze. The frieze is one of the most well-known features of any ballpark, so enjoy the opportunity to see it in person when attending a Yankees game.

Supporter Groups

NYCFC has several supporter groups, all of which put their spin on supporting the Boys in Blue. The Third Rail in Sections 236 and 237 may be the largest groups, but all around the stadium, you’ll spot a variety of supporter groups including Chicken Bucket FC in Section 206, The Blue Ladies and Bronx Football Social Club in Section 234, NYC12 in Section 235, and Hearts of Oak in Section 238. The supporter groups are what make attending an NYCFC match such a special event, so don’t be afraid to join one.

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