Tailgating at a Giants football game is a blast. The fans in the Meadowlands go all out to put on an excellent tailgate party where you’ll find a large variety of food and drinks. The food here is a delicious mix of chicken, sausage, and burgers, so no matter what you’ve got a hankering for you’ll surely find something to fill you up when tailgating before a Giants game.

Outside MetLife Stadium you’ll also find plenty of tailgate games and entertainment. The games and entertainment go a long way in creating a festive pre-game environment. One of the best places to find pre-game entertainment is the Bud Light Party Plaza. Where you’ll find sponsored events as well as live music.

Rain, snow, or shine Giants fans will be out tailgating early and in strong numbers. The tailgate spots at MetLife Stadium are first come first serve, so make sure to get to the game early if you want to get a good spot. Regardless of where you park, though, you’ll surely have a great time partying with fellow Giants fans before the game.


Stadium Tour

A tour of MetLife Stadium is the perfect thing for fans who arrive in town a couple days early and are looking for something to do. The tour shows off some of the most exclusive areas of the stadium including the Commissioners Club and the Toyota Coaches Club, you’ll even be able to go on the field.

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Bud Light Party Plaza

If you’re looking to grab a quick beer before the game than the Bud Light Garden is the perfect spot for you. Here you’ll find plenty of pre-game entertainment to get you pumped to watch the Giants take down the opposition including live music and other sponsored events.

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MetLife Central

MetLife Central gives a fan the chance to win some great Giants prizes and meet former players during autograph sessions. If you’re looking for something to do before the game head on over to MetLife Central and take place in the pre-game festivities.

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Where to tailgate

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