1. License Plate Guy

License Plate Guy is one of the most well known and iconic fans in the NFL. He is famous for wearing license plates to each game. He is such a super fan that not only was he at every game in the history Giants Stadium, he also has been to every Giants home and away game since 2003. Keep your eyes peeled for License Plate Guy when attending your next Giants game.

2. The Bud Light Garden

If you’re looking to grab a quick beer before the game than the Bud Light Garden is the perfect spot for you. Here you’ll find plenty of pre-game entertainment to get you pumped to watch the Giants take down the opposition including live music and other sponsored events.

3. MetLife Central

MetLife Central gives fans the chance to win some great Giants prizes and meet former players during autograph sessions. If you’re looking for something to do before the game head on over to MetLife Central and take place in the pre-game festivities.

4. The Legacy Club

The Legacy Club offers fans an excellent opportunity to relieve the Giants past glory. Here you’ll find tons of Giants memorabilia and artifacts from the past. This area also offers interactive video screens showing interviews and highlights of past Giants greats. Every die hard Giants fan should checkout this area if they want to get the most out of their game day experience.

5. Big Blue BBQ

Big Blue BBQ is the largest tailgate party around at Giants games and definitely something fans should check out. The tailgate offers food, drinks, flat screen TVs, and a live DJ. If you’re looking to join a large tailgate party Big Blue BBQ is one of the best options.

6. Stadium Tour

A tour of MetLife Stadium is the perfect thing for fans who arrive town a couple days early and are looking for something to do. The tour shows off some of the most exclusive areas of the stadium including the Commissioners Club and the Toyota Coaches Club, you’ll even be able to go on the field.

7. The Blu Bus

The Blu Bus, found in Lot J2, is a tailgate bus adorned in Giants colors that provides a plethora of food and alcohol. This is a great group to tailgate with, so if you’re looking to tailgate, but don’t feel like setting up your own tailgate party look no further than The Blu Bus. Make sure to bring $25 to $30 though to help fund future tailgates.

8. Gatorade Shower

This iconic team celebration started with the Giants in 1985 when following the Giants 17-3 Harry Carson dumped a bucket of Gatorade over the head of Bill Parcells. The celebration gained national attention in 1986 during the Giants run to the Super Bowl. Look for the Giants to partake in this great tradition following major victories.

9. The Metlife Great Wall

The Great Wall is  400’ by 40’ mural of all the greatest players and moments in Giants history. Make sure to check this mural out to relieve some of the Giants greatest moments, perfect for any die-hard Giants fan.

10. LED Pylons

Outside of MetLife Stadium there are 20 LED pylons that show video footage of the team and trivia questions during games. They are a great way to get involved in the action before entering the stadium, so check these out if you want to flex your Giants trivia muscle.

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