The isolation of Citi Field makes for a steady stream of orange and blue fans coming to the stadium via car and train on game day. Widely known for its incredible concession selection, Citi Field is a great place to catch a game of baseball. The large open spaces allow for fans to walk to the game, which livens up the atmosphere on game day.

Also because of Citi Field is fairly isolated, the city of New York promised with the new stadium would come an assortment of noteworthy concessions and the Mets delivered. When preparing for a game at Citi Field, it’s in your best interest to come hungry and explore all the stadium has to offer before the game starts. The concessions at Citi Field open three hours before game time and plenty of fans take advantage of that.

Tailgating is allowed at Citi Field, but many fans will venture anywhere from a half-mile to a mile outside of the stadium (the subway stops before and after Citi Field) to visit local pre-game hot spots. The fans that stick around Citi Field for the pre-game celebration usually end up at McFadden’s, or other areas within the stadium. With some of the friendlier fans in New York, Citi Field is a lively, modern stadium that presents an excellent place watch the Mets play and enjoy a day of baseball fun.


Original Home Run Apple

Make sure to check out one of the iconic landmarks from the former Mets field Shea Stadium, the Home Run Apple. Standing 16.5 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter, this massive apple is a piece of Mets history and a must-see. Stop by the original Home Run Apple in the parking lot to get the full Mets game day experience.

Jackie Robinson Rotunda

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda is located in the front entrance of Citi Field and honors one of the most important players in the history of baseball. Check out his famous quote “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” etched into the rotunda as well as the eight-foot sculpture of his iconic number, 42.

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