1. The Old Home Run Apple

Make sure to check out one of the iconic landmarks from the former Mets field Shea Stadium, the Home Run Apple. Standing 16.5 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter, this massive apple is a piece of Mets history and a must-see. Stop by the original Home Run Apple in the parking lot to get the full Mets game day experience.

2. Jackie Robinson Rotunda

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda is located in the front entrance of Citi Field and honors one of the most important players in the history of baseball. Check out his famous quote “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” etched into the rotunda as well as the eight-foot sculpture of his iconic number, 42.

3. Mr. Met

Voted the best mascot in sports by Forbes Magazine, Mr. Met has been the beloved face of the New York Mets since 1963. Keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Met at the game as you wouldn’t want to miss him.

4. Promenade Club

Located right behind home plate on the Promenade level is the Promenade Club, which offers two full bars and-and pub-style food options that fans can order and bring back to high-top tables to watch the game.

5. Fan Fest

Located on the field level in center field is the Fan Fest, which opens when the gates do and close after the final out in the seventh inning. Walk on over to hit a home run on Kiddie Field (a miniature version of Citi Field), take a few swings in the batting cages, or test your arm for accuracy and velocity with the Mets Dunk Tank radar gun.

6. The Mets Hall of Fame & Museum

The Mets Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates the Mets history and includes many exhibits such as the World Series rings, plaques honoring legendary Mets players, and much more.

7. Unique Concessions

Do a little bit of exploring and see all the unique food items inside Citi Field such as a s’mores version of bacon on a stick: bacon dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows. Be sure to check out the food court Taste of the City featuring food from famed restaurateur Danny Meyer (Union Square Hospitality Group) and The World’s Fare Market, featuring foods from all over the world – experience a taste of Tokyo, China, Korea, and Italy.

8. Home Run Apple

When a Mets player hits a home run, look over into center field at the Home Run Apple. Brought over from Shea Stadium, the giant apple with a light-up Mets logo on the front rises from its housing in center field.

9. The 7 Line Army

As stated above, Darren Meenan created a t-shirt line for die hard Mets fans that has evolved into a fan section that tries to get a big group together at least once a month for home and away Mets games. Win or lose; these fans make their presence known to all within the stadium, whether it be at Citi Field or an away game.

10. Shake Shack

Famous for their unofficial title of the best burger in New York, Shake Shack’s location in Citi Field is a real fan favorite. The line can get pretty long, but you can use that extra time to admire the city sky

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