1. The BULLevard

To make the most out of your Red Bulls matchday experience stop by The BULLevard. The BULLevard opens three hours before kickoff and is home to food, drinks, and pre-game activities. Grab a beer at the beer garden or play some three on three soccer at The BULLevard before heading to Red Bull Arena to watch the Red Bulls take down the opposition.

2. Supporter Section

The supporter section in the South Ward is home to the Red Bulls most diehard supporters. The section houses the club’s three main supporter groups: Empire Supporters Club, Garden State Ultras, and Viking Army. The supporter groups wave flags and sing chants to show their undying love for the Red Bulls. Join one of the supporter groups to experience a Red Bulls match at its best.

3. Atlantic Cup

The winner of the season series between rivals D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls takes home the Atlantic Cup. The two teams have been playing each other since Major League Soccer started in 1996, although the trophy wasn’t awarded until 2002. The proximity of the city and frequent matchups between the clubs have helped to make the Atlantic Cup one of the fiercest rivalries in MLS. Don’t miss it when D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls meet.

4. Red Bulls Partner Pubs

The Red Bulls have several partner pubs throughout the New York area, which provides excellent places to grab a few drinks before heading to the match. Whether you get a drink at one of the bars in Harrison or fill up in the city before taking the train to the game, you’ll have an excellent time pre-gaming before a Red Bulls match.

5. Catas Bar & Restaurant

Located across the river from Red Bull Arena, Catas is where the Red Bulls supporter groups meet before marching to the stadium. If you’re looking to hang out with the most die-hard Red Bulls supporters out there, then make sure to stop by Catas before the match.

6. Viking Parking Lot Tailgate

The Viking Army holds a tailgate party in the warehouse parking lot before every match. The tailgate is filled with die hard Red Bulls fans and loud music, so make sure to check it out.

7. Hudson River Derby

The local derby between New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls is already shaping up to be a fierce rivalry. It’s currently the only intra-metropolitan area rivalry in Major League Soccer, and there are always a lot of both teams fans at the match. Don’t miss the intense atmosphere that a Hudson River Derby offers.

8. Bullshop

The Bullshop is home to all kinds of Red Bulls gear including jerseys, scarves, flags, and much more. If you’re looking to pick up some Red Bulls merchandise, then make sure to stop at the Bullshop.

9. Small Tailgates

Technically tailgating isn’t permitted at Red Bull Arena, but there are several smaller lots around the stadium where you can set up a small tailgate. There are plenty of places to set up a small tailgate around the stadium. However, you won’t find any grand tailgating extravaganzas at Red Bulls matches.

10. Red Bulls-Revolution Rivalry

The Revolution-Red Bulls rivalry mirrors the other Boston-New York sports rivalries and is a can’t miss matchup for any MLS fan. From 2002 to 2014, The Revolution won 20 straight against the Red Bulls at Gillette Stadium helping fuel the flames on the Red Bull side. Make sure to be in attendance when the Red Bulls face the Revolution.

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