The new Yankee Stadium is nothing less than beautiful, with its white marble and limestone facility, which still contains some iconic pieces from the old stadium to celebrate the history of the famous New York Yankees. Fans wander around the surrounding neighborhoods, nicknamed the Concourse, before the games making the city come alive with Yankee spirit. Tailgating is also allowed in the nearby garages and parking lots along River Avenue, so many fans make their way over before games for pre-game activities.

As one of the most well-known baseball franchises in the league, the Yankees always draw a big crowd. They’re also able to charge ridiculous amounts for food inside the stadium, so it is definitely in your best interest to eat before the game as many fans do. However, expensive food doesn’t detract from the palpable excitement felt all around and inside Yankee Stadium.


Babe Ruth Plaza

Located right outside the Great Hall between Gate 4 and Gate 6, the Babe Ruth Plaza celebrates the greatest player in baseball history. If you’re a big baseball fan then you must take some time and see the plaza dedicated to the Babe.

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Yankee Stadium Facade

The original Yankee Stadium was home to one of the most intimidating facades in professional sports and the new stadium is no different. Yankees stadium’s exterior gives off the feeling you're seeing a game somewhere special, so enjoy the aura and atmosphere that surrounds Yankee Stadium.

Where to tailgate

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