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A Nicholls State football game is a fun way to spend some time in Thibodaux, Louisiana and is an excellent way to get involved in the community. Fans from all over the area come out to cheer on the Colonels on game days. Everywhere you look, you’ll see support for the Colonels as fans dressed head to toe in red and gray pack John L. Guidry Stadium.

You’ll see lots of pageantry on display at Nicholls State thanks to the superb performances of the Colonels spirit groups. The Pride of Nicholls Marching Band kicks things off with their pregame performance, and from there it only gets better. The Colonettes dance team puts on a fantastic display, and you won’t want to miss the Nicholls Color Guard, Colonel Tillou, or the Nicholls Cheerleaders throughout the game.

Nicholls State offers just about everything you could want in a college football game including devoted fans and tons of pageantry and traditions, making a trip to Thibodaux a must for any diehard FCS football fan.

Things to check out

Pride of Nicholls

The Pride of Nicholls puts on a fantastic pre-game and halftime show and is a must-see part of any Colonels football game. The marching band also livens up the game with their tunes, making them one of the best parts of any game.

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Nicholls Colonelettes and Color Guard

You won’t want to miss the performances of the Nicholls Colonelettes or the Nicholls Color Guard. Both groups’ routines are can’t-miss parts of the game, so don’t leave your seat when you see either one take the field.

Colonel Tillou

Colonel Tillou is the official mascot of Nicholls State and is beloved by Nicholls State fans young and old. Keep an eye out for Colonel Tillou as he gets into all kinds of antics during the game.

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Nicholls Cheerleaders

The Nicholls Cheerleaders co-ed team will pump you up with their cheers and chants. Nobody does a better job of riling up the crowd than the cheerleaders, so join in their cheers and help propel the Colonels to victory.

Fight Songs

  1. Nicholls State Colonels Fight Song

    Go, Colonels, Go!
    We are behind you all the way.
    Fight, Colonels, Fight!
    We’re on the top and there we’ll stay.
    Win, Colonels, Win!
    You’ve got to win this game today.
    Big Red, fight for victory
    ‘Cause we’re behind you all the way!

  2. Nicholls State Alma Mater

    All hail to thee, our Alma Mater,
    We raise thy glorious name on high.
    The echo of thy spirit rises,
    And fills devotion’s cloudless sky.
    To thee we pledge our loyalty
    Through all the years that are to be.
    Hail to Nicholls, Alma Mater,
    Our hearts are thine and thine shall be.

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