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Norfolk State fans live and die with their team and come from all over the Hampton Roads area to cheer on the Spartans on game days. The fans at Price Stadium are very vocal in their support of the Spartans and all throughout the game you’ll hear cheers and chants as the fans try to propel their team to victory. Spartans fans especially make their presence known during homecoming or rivalry games with nearby Hampton so if you can only attend one game a season, make sure it’s one of these two.

In addition to great fan support, Norfolk State is also home to an incredible band. The Spartan Legion Marching Band is one of the best bands you’ll see anywhere, and a lot of the people in attendance come just to see the band. Enjoy the performance of the Spartan Legion as they’re arguably the best band you’ll ever see at a college football game.

The spirit groups at Norfolk State are also no slouches either. The Spartan’s mascot is a fun part of any game with his antics, and no visit to Price Stadium is complete without seeing the Hot Ice dance team perform.

A Norfolk State game is a good time for any college football fan, so plan your trip to Norfolk State today.

Things to check out

Spartan Legion Marching Band

The Spartan Legion Marching Band is one of the best parts of a Norfolk State game, so make sure to stay in your seat at halftime. A lot of people show up to Norfolk State games just to see the Spartan Legion, which is a testament to their greatness.

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Spartan Mascot

You won’t want to miss the shenanigans of the Spartan’s mascot when taking in a Norfolk State game. The mascot entertains the crowd throughout the game with dances and other goofy antics, so keep an eye out for him at the game.

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Hot Ice

Enjoy the performance of the Hot Ice dance team when taking in a game at Price Stadium. Hot Ice will dazzle you with their routines making them a can’t miss part of any Norfolk State sporting event.

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Cheer along with the cheerleaders during your visit to Norfolk State. The cheer squad leads the crowd in a variety of cheers and chants, so join in and give the Spartans as much of a home field advantage as possible.

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Fight Songs

  1. Norfolk State Fight Song

    SAY HEY for the victory
    That’s sure to be;
    For NSU we’re here to fight.

    And we will fight for the Green & Gold,
    Our Alma Mater-
    We pledge our loyalty.

    Say Hey! (HEY) For the Victory!
    Say Hey! Hey! Hey!
    For NSU, we’ll fight.

    Fight team, fight on to victory for N-S-U.

    (Repeat with Band Singing)

    (Then Repeat with Band Playing)

  2. Norfolk State Alma Mater

    By Virginia’s golden shore,
    There’s a place that we adore
    Where Norfolk’s sun shines bright
    Down on our campus site.
    The walls of Brown Hall
    Will always give a call
    To all striving to succeed,
    Forging onward, bound to lead.

    Though the years we spend are few,
    You will teach us what to do.
    In splendor we’ll relive
    The glorious time you give.
    We’ll wave the green and gold
    To praise thee a thousand-fold.
    A guiding light to us you’ve been
    Unwav’ring to the end.

    Oh, Norfolk State, we love you.
    Oh, Norfolk State, we’ll always be true.
    And when we leave we’ll shed a tear,
    For to us you’ve been so dear.
    And leaving shed a joyful tear
    For our Alma Mater dear.

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