At a Norfolk State tailgate, you’ll find an incredible sense of camaraderie among fans and an extremely friendly and welcoming tailgate atmosphere. Tailgates at Norfolk State have a family feel helping everyone feel welcome and creating a strong bond between fellow Spartans fans.

Norfolk State fans are also diehard as well. The fans come out in strong numbers to support their team despite the fact the Spartans have been mediocre at best over the past few seasons. Everywhere you look on game days you’ll see fans dressed in green and gold tailgating and having fun before the game.

One of the best parts of any Norfolk State tailgate is when the Spartan Legion Marching Band marches through the tailgate. The band here is one of the best in the country, and their appearance before the game is the perfect way to get into the game day spirit.

You’ll find a friendly atmosphere and lots of diehard fans at Norfolk State making it a great place to tailgate on a fall Saturday.


Spartan Legion Pregame Walk

Don’t miss the Spartan Legion Marching Band’s pregame walk through the tailgate area. The Spartan Legion’s appearance energizes the crowd and gets everyone ready to cheer on the Spartans to victory making it a must-see part of the pregame festivities.

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Homecoming Parade

If you’re attending the homecoming football game, make sure to check out the parade before the game. The parade is an excellent way to kickoff a day off tailgating and football fun, making it a can’t miss part of homecoming weekend.

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