If you enjoy parking lot picnics, then you’ll have lots of fun tailgating at Harbor Park. Harbor Park is home to several grass areas that are perfect for setting up a picnic for your friends and family. One of the drawbacks though about tailgating at a Tides game is that you can’t have open alcohol or grill out making the tailgating scene surrounding Tides games rather subdued.

However, those of you who enjoy going to the bars before the game will be in luck as there are plenty of nearby bars and restaurants to check out. Harbor Park is located in downtown Norfolk, and as a result, you’ll find tons of bars and restaurants within walking distance of the park. Whether you’re looking for an Irish pub like Grace O’Malley’s or an upscale bistro, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

Additionally, take some time before the game to see Sandy Mermaid. Sandy Mermaid has been stationed outside Harbor Park since 2015 and presents an excellent photo opportunity making it a must-see for anyone visiting Norfolk.

You’ll find lots of places to grab a bite to eat or something to drink before a Tides game, so arrive to downtown Norfolk early to get the most out of your trip.


Tide is In Sign

One of the more creative parts of Harbor Park is how the sign outside the stadium lets fans know if the team is in town or not. The sign says “Tide is in” if the Tides have a home game and “Tide is out” if they don’t. Make sure to check the sign and see if the Tides have a game or not during your trip to Norfolk.

Sandy Mermaid Sculpture

Snap a picture with Sandy Mermaid before entering Harbor Park. The statue made its debut in 2015 and is a must-see for any taking in a Tides game, so stop by and see when attending a game at Harbor Park.

Where to tailgate

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