1. Harbor View

As its name implies, Harbor Park offers an incredible view of the harbor providing a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in Triple-A baseball. Enjoy the view of the harbor and all its activity when taking in a game at Harbor Park.

2. Hampton Roads Hall of Fame

No trip to Harbor Park is complete without stopping by the Hampton Roads Hall of Fame in the ballpark’s lobby. The Hampton Roads Hall of Fame honors players, coaches, administrators, and media members who are from Hampton Roads or made an impact in the area including Bruce Smith, Billy Martin, and Allen Iverson.

3. Sandy Mermaid Sculpture

Snap a picture with Sandy Mermaid before entering Harbor Park. The statue made its debut in 2015 and is a must-see for any taking in a Tides game, so stop by and see when attending a game at Harbor Park.

4. Hits at the Park

Located at the end of the first baseline concourse, Hits at the Park is a full-service restaurant and an excellent place to grab a meal at Harbor Park. Here you’ll be able to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet while taking in the action on the diamond, so if you arrive at the game hungry Hits at the Park is just the spot for you.

5. Salute to Pork Challenge

If the idea of an all-you-can-eat buffet at Hits at the Park isn’t enough for you, then the Salute to Pork Challenge will be right up your alley. The Salute to Pork Challenge requires you to eat five pounds of pork within an hour, and if you’re successful, you’ll walk away with a free meal, four tickets to a future Tides game, and your picture on the Wall of Fame. However, if you’re unsuccessful, you’ll find your face on the Wall of Shame and have to pay for the meal making the Salute to Pork Challenge not for the faint of heart.

6. Rip Tide and Triton

You won’t want to miss seeing the Tides mascots Rip Tide and Triton perform throughout the game. These two lovable mascots get into all kinds of antics making them a must-see part of any Tides game.

7. Autographs

At Harbor Park, you can get autographs from your favorite players from the time the gate opens until 15 minutes before the game starts. Arrive early and get your favorite Tides player’s signature before the game.

8. Tide is In Sign

One of the more creative parts of Harbor Park is how the sign outside the stadium lets fans know if the team is in town or not. The sign says “Tide is in” if the Tides have a home game and “Tide is out” if they don’t. Make sure to check the sign and see if the Tides have a game or not during your trip to Norfolk.

9. Picnic Area

Those of you looking to experience watching a Tides game in a unique way will want to reserve a spot in the picnic area for your group of 50 to 250. The picnic area offers a one of a kind way to watch the game that you won’t find anywhere else at Harbor Park, so reserve your spot today.

10. Team Store

Pick up a souvenir from your trip to Norfolk at the Tides team store. At the team store, you’ll find all kinds of Tides merchandise including caps, jerseys, t-shirts, foam fingers, and more.

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