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If you’re looking for a game day filled with fantastic fan support, an incredible band, and lots of school spirit, then a North Carolina A&T game is just what you’ll want. The fans here are among the best in the MEAC, and just about everyone you talk to will be knowledgeable about the team and happy to talk ball. The fans are also very vocal in their support of the Aggies, especially the Aggie Livewires. The Aggie Livewires is the official cheering section of the Aggies, and they do an excellent job of keeping the energy inside Aggie Stadium high no matter what the score.


In addition to some great fan support, North Carolina A&T also boasts one of the best band around. The Blue and Gold Marching Machine is such a draw that many fans come to the football games just to see them perform. The band always puts on a great show and is constantly coming up with a new and inventive performance, so don’t leave your seat when you see the Blue and Gold Marching Machine take the field.

Finally, North Carolina A&T boasts several spirit groups that are a big part of any Aggies game day. The cheerleaders do an incredible job of keeping the fans entertained and on their feet throughout the game, while the ROTC does a good job of showing their support for the Aggies as well.

An Aggies game is an excellent way to spend a Saturday in the fall, so those of you in the Greensboro area won’t want to miss the opportunity to come out and support the North Carolina A&T Aggies.

Things to check out


You won’t miss any of the action when taking in a game at Aggie Stadium thanks to the Aggievision. The 66 ft by 48 ft scoreboard is a can’t miss, so enjoy the crystal clear replays it provides when taking in a North Carolina A&T game.

Blue and Gold Marching Machine

The Blue and Gold Marching Machine is one of the biggest parts of any Aggies game and is a must-see for any college football fan. The band performs incredible pregame, halftime, and postgame shows that will take your breath away, so sit back and enjoy their performance when attending an Aggies game.

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Don’t miss the North Carolina A&T ROTC who celebrate every Aggies score by doing pushups and firing a toy cannon. The ROTC is a big part of the pageantry and tradition on display at North Carolina A&T making them a must-see.


Join in the cheers lead by the Aggies cheerleaders to show off your Aggie Pride. The cheerleaders perform a variety of routines and lead a slew of cheers, so join in the fun when you have the chance.

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Keep an eye open for Aggie the official mascot of North Carolina A&T. You can see Aggie entertaining the fans on the sideline throughout the game, and you never know what he’ll do next making him a can’t miss part of any Aggies game.

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Aggie Livewires

The Aggie Livewires have been the official cheering section of the Aggies since 1995 and are some of the biggest North Carolina A&T football fans out there. If you want to sit with the loudest and most passionate fans at Aggie Stadium, then make sure to be seated near the Aggie Livewires.

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Fight Songs

  1. Aggie Fight Song

    Forever we will vow our courage valor and might
    For A&T will make our stand
    till darkness turns to light
    Although we face adversity
    we’ll emerge from the fight
    Victorious With loyalty,
    Honor, and AGGIE PRIDE!

  2. Old Aggie Spirit

    Give Me That Old Aggie Spirit
    Give Me That Old Aggie Spirit
    Give Me That Old Aggie Spirit
    Its Good Enough For Me

  3. Dear A&T

    Dear A&T, Dear A&T, a monument indeed,
    Around thy base with grateful hearts
    behold thy students kneel.
    We bless the power that gave
    thee birth to help us in our need,
    We’ll ever strive while here on
    earth all loyalty to yield.

    With joy, with joy, dear A&T,
    thy students turn from thee
    To spread thy trophies year by year from
    Dare to Cherokee.

    Dear A&T, Dear A&T, the signet thou shalt be,
    Set by our great old commonwealth,
    proud boaster of the free
    She’d have the record of her worth
    on granite not inscribed Nay,
    let the children of her birth proclaim it by their lives.

    Dear A&T, Dear A&T, henceforth our aim shall be,
    By precepts wise and deeds more sure to bless the
    State through thee;
    The arts of industry to wield against an idle foe
    A harvest rich from ripened fields or
    what thy students sow.

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