Aggies fans love their team and come out bright and early to tailgate before the game as the lots outside Aggie Stadium open five hours before kickoff. The lots fill up quickly and are a sea of blue and gold on game days creating a fun and festive atmosphere.

The majority of the tailgating at Aggies games takes place in the Game Zone surrounding the stadium. The Game Zone requires a ticket to enter and is where you’ll find many of the most dedicated tailgaters on game days.. If you’re taking your kids to the game, you’ll also want to check out the Game Zone since it features a kids area that includes inflatables and other fun kids activities.

Outside of the Game Zone, you’ll also find a lot of great tailgating action at Lot 38 on Laurel Street. The lot is where you’ll want to park if you’re looking to set up a tailgate and aren’t a season ticket holder making it the perfect place to make new friends. Arrive early to Lot 38 if you want to get a spot and make the most out of your tailgating experience at North Carolina A&T.

You’ll have a lot of fun tailgating before an Aggies game, so arrive early and take part in all the fun that happens outside Aggie Stadium on game days.


Aggie Pride Statue

Stop by and check out the Aggie Pride Statue before the game. The statue is located outside the players’ entrance, and a picture with it is a fun way to commemorate your trip to Greensboro.

Where to tailgate

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