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O’Kelly Riddick Stadium may not be the biggest or fanciest stadium, but Eagles fans do an incredible job of packing the place on Saturdays in the fall. The fans at North Carolina Central are a big part of what makes attending an Eagles game such a fantastic experience. Everyone in attendance is very friendly and is more than willing to talk ball with you during the game.

North Carolina Central is also home to a fantastic band and dance team, who arguably steal the show from the football team at every game. The Marching Sound Machine pump up the crowd and keep the tempo high throughout the game, while the Underground Legendz will dazzle you with their show-stopping dance routines making a trip to O’Kelly Riddick Stadium a memorable experience.

You’ll have a lot of fun attending an Eagles game, so start planning your trip to Durham today.

Things to check out

Marching Sound Machine

North Carolina Central is home to a fantastic marching band. The Marching Sound Machine will entertain you throughout the game with their performances, and the pregame and halftime show are always some of the best parts of the game. Enjoy the music provided Marching Sound Machine at NCCU football games.

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Underground Legendz Dance Team

The Underground Legendz will dazzle you with their routines and are a must-see part of any Eagles game. Don’t leave your seat when you see the Underground Legendz take the stage.

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Eddie the Eagle

Don’t miss the NCCU mascot Eddie the Eagle when taking in a game at O’Kelly Riddick Stadium. Eddie gets into all kinds of shenanigans throughout the game making a fun part of any Eagles game.

NCCU Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders keep the crowd pumped up throughout the game by leading them in cheers and chants. Join in and help give the Eagles as much of a home field advantage as possible.

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Fight Songs

  1. NCCU Fight Song

    We are the fighting Eagles
    Our Majesty will soar high
    There’s victory for you and me
    When we show our Eagle Pride.

    Fight! Fight!

    Our mighty campus we have here
    Our spirits will ring free
    For we are the fighting Eagles
    Dear ole NCC!!!!

  2. Alma Mater

    The sloping hills, the verdant green,
    The lovely blossoms’ beauteous sheen
    Surround our college proud and gay,
    Where wave our colors, Maroon and Gray.
    What matters it how far we roam?
    Our thoughts will oft return to home,
    And hearts will e’er be true to thee,
    Our Alma Mater, N.C.C.

    Then Rah! Rah! Rah! For our colors so gay!
    Dear old N.C.C.’s Maroon and Gray;
    Thy sons and daughters will honor thee,
    Dear old N.C.C.

    We’ve gathered here to fit our lives,
    As from the darkness light revives,
    So let us hail, both night and day,
    Our glorious colors, Maroon and Gray.
    We’ll ever love and honor thee,
    For thou hast taught us loyalty.
    Then let our watchword “service” be,
    To Alma Mater, N.C.C.

    You send us forth with hearts of love;
    So like a blessing from above,
    And from the path we’ll never stray,
    Our dear Alma Mater, Maroon and Gray.
    We’ll work and fight, we’ll win our way.
    When duty calls, we shall obey.
    And may we e’er return to thee,
    Our Alma Mater, N.C.C!

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