In Game

NC State  fans arrive at the game early to cheer on their team but rarely leave early as the fans here brim with passion and pride for their Wolfpack. The crowd here spends most of the game on their feet as everyone cheers on the team win or lose. No matter what section you are sitting in you are sure to have a lot of company as you cheer on the Wolfpack to victory.

Things start off at Carter-Finley Stadium with a bang as the fans are pumped and ready to cheer on their team to victory the moment the players charge through the “Wolf Den” shaped tunnel.  As the team emerges in front of a packed house of cheering Wolfpack fans one can’t help but feel a chill run down their back. This incredible atmosphere lasts throughout the game and makes a Wolfpack football game a amazing experience.

Things to check out

Sign of the Wolf

The Sign of the Wolf is a great way to show off your Wolfpack pride and let everyone know who you root for. To show the Sign of the Wolf bring your ring finger, middle finger, and thumb together while sticking your index and pinky fingers up. Next time you're at an NC State game, make sure to show the Sign of the Wolf to meet fellow fans and make friends quickly.

Wolf Den

After pre-game ceremonies, which feature the singing of the Alma Mater, National Anthem, and fight song the players finally enter the field. The players charge through a “Wolf Den” shaped tunnel as they emerge in front of a packed house of cheering Wolfpack fans. This entrance is sure to get any fan pumped and ready to cheer on the Wolfpack to victory.

Flag Bearers

Each week two players are given the honor of carrying the American and North Carolina flags onto the field. This tradition is a great way for the coaching staff to show the players they appreciate their hard work as well as a great way to honor the US and North Carolina.

“The Power Sound of the South”

NC State is home to one of the best marching bands in the country, as The Power Sound of the South is sure to put on a great show worth the price of admission all on its own. One of their most famous traditions is the spelling out of NC State in cursive, which really helps create that NC State game day feel.

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Vaughn Towers

Vaughn Towers houses the press box, luxury boxes, and club seats. If you’re looking for a premium in-game experience then make sure to get tickets in the Vaughn Towers.

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Fight Songs

  1. NC State Alma Mater

    Sung before games and after Wolfpack scores

    Where the winds of Dixie softly blow

    o’er the fields of Caroline,

    There stands ever cherished, N.C. State,

    as thy honored shrine.

    So lift your voices! Loudly sing

    from hill to oceanside!  


    Our hearts ever hold you, N.C. State,

    in the folds of our love and pride.

  2. Pregame Fight Song

    Shout aloud to the men,

    Who will play the game to win.

    We’re behind you,

    Keep fighting for State.  


    Hold that line,

    Hold ’em fast,

    We will reach victory at last

    We’re behind you

    Keep fighting for State.  


    Rise up to the fray,

    And let your colors wave,

    Shout out for dear old NC State

    (Go State!)  


    And where e’er we go,

    We’ll let the whole world know,

    We’re behind you,

    Keep fighting for State.

  3. Red and White

    We’re the Red and White from State,

    And we know we are the best.

    A hand behind our back,

    We can take on all the rest.

    Come over the hill, Caroline.*

    Devils and Deacs stand in line.

    The Red and White from N.C. State,

    Go State!

  4. Wolfpack Chant

    One side of the stadium chants “Wolf” while the other side responds: “Pack”.

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